The Best Metal Detector Apps for iPhone and Android


The Best Metal Detector Apps for iPhone and Android


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Smartphones allow you to accomplish a lot of different tasks. If detecting metals is one of the activities you want to do with your smartphone, then you are in luck. There are several metal detecting apps for Android and iOS devices. 

Smartphone metal detecting apps allow you to seek out metallic objects like keys, coins, gold, and much more. Due to your smartphone's magnetic sensor, you can hunt down metal. Smartphone metal detector apps also allow you to search for metal wires and pipes inside buildings.

To enhance the experience of your metal detector, you can download apps, which you can use in conjunction with the detector or alone. No matter if you love using your metal detector, you may enjoy using a metal detector app on your smartphone. Think of it as another accessory to get started with.

In this article, we will examine apps that turn your smartphone into a metal detector. Many people wonder if these metal detector apps are accurate and reliable. In this article, we'll examine the best metal detector apps on the market and discuss their reliability.

Metal Detector by Smart Tools Co. 

The Metal Detector Android app by Smart Tools Co. is a free app which can be downloaded to your phone. By moving your phone around as you walk, the app will find metals that are under your feet. You can begin looking for magnetic field readings on the Metal Detector App after you open it.

You will see that when you move your smartphone, you can see what is known as the natural magnetic field, which is approximately 49μT. Consequently, the reading on the screen of the device will vary as a result of the magnetism. Objects made out of metal will produce deep sounds. Similar to a magnetic pipe locator, wires and pipes might be found using the Metal Detector by Smart Tools Co., albeit in a limited fashion. This could prove to be a hand accessory to use alongside an industrial metal detector or ground penetrating radar device.

Metal Detector by Netigen Tools

Using Netigen Tools' Metal Detector app, mobile users can find nearby metals on their smartphones. It is quite similar to Smart Tools Co.'s Metal Detector app. This app is an exciting option to do some real metal detecting with your smartphone. Some differences, but there is a lot of overlap between them. On this smartphone phone metal detector application, there is an attractive jumbo display. By using this application, you can see how the magnetic field fluctuates. Keep in mind it is only able to find ferrous metals.

According to the readings, you can also see what objects you may have located. In addition, the extended mode of the app offers some interesting features. Observe how the magnetic field interacts with the Earth's magnetic field using this technique. Netigen Tools' Metal Detector app is made for Android and iOS. It is important to note that the app will not work when detecting gold, silver, copper, and other non-ferrous metals.

The Best Metal Detector by Netigen Tools

Netigen Tools has produced a second smartphone metal detector app. It is available on both Android and iOS, making it a diverse app for detectorists. The Best Metal Detector's features are very similar to the ones from Netigen Tools' previous app. You are able to set alarms, the levels of magnetic fields for the alarms, vibration intensity, and the Extended mode, too.

The graphics, look, and feel of this app from Netigen Tools is entirely different from the app creator's previously mentioned smartphone app. One feature that is most useful on the app is the power button. You are able to turn the metal detector off and on while the metal detector app is in use. there is also a handy full-screen graphic mode. Learn where to find treaure with this app. Unlike Netigen Tools' other app, the Best Metal Detector app is made for entertainment. You should use it for geocaching and treasure hunting.

Conrad GR-3 Plus Deep Seeking Detector with 3D Android & iOS App

The Conrad GR-3 Plus is a 3D ground scanning treasure detector with deep seeking capability. ‌Your Android or iOS phone or tablet will display the results instantly. ‌It displays all types of metals, including magnets (iron, steel, and copper) and non-magnetic ones (gold, silver, and copper). GR-3 Plus is built into a lightweight compact ‌telescopic‌ ‌walking/hiking‌ ‌stick. In full color, you can see the target analysis in 3D. Simple. Fast. Effective. Targets can be located up to 15 meters away with dual CN-D sensors.

OKM Rover Undercover Metal Detector

The OKM Rover Undercover Metal Detector is similar to the Conrad GR-3 Plus with even more exceptional capabilities. With the capacity to detect objects as deep as 65' deep, you can find gold, silver, chests, and hidden room in a slim, walking-stick design. 

The OKM Rover Undercover is controlled by a smartphone which allows simple, intuitive design. The Rover's German design and manufacturing commands a premium price point but you receive premium results. 

OKM Rover Undercover Metal Detector 

Metal Detector by Alexandr Balyberdin

You will immediately notice that the graphics and display screen is very similar to a real metal detector. Simply download Metal Detector from the iOS store, open it, and begin searching for metal. The needle of the app's meter will fluctuate when it detects metal. The app notifies you with vibrations and beeps when the magnetic field hits its maximum. 

You can alter the sensitivity of the device's magnetic sensor. You can detect metals with more precision than the other apps we have covered so far. By increasing the activity, you may be able to detect objects from a few feet away. 

Metal Detector by Gamma Play

Gamma Play's metal detector app is very simple to use. There are a limited number of features and there are few options to search for metals. There are no additional settings available, but in its simplicity, you will find it very useful. 

After downloading this smartphone metal detector app from the Android store, open it up, and begin searching for metal objects and wires. The app only has a digital meter to show magnetic field values. There is no vibration feedback. You do have a graph representing the magnetic field in real-time. 

The value will fluctuate as you search for metal. The graph's bar will change to red when it detects metallic objects nearby. 

Tesla Metal Detector & Magnetic Field Recorder by Exelerus

The Tesla Metal Detector & Magnetic Field Recorder by Exelerus is a free app for iOS that uses the magnetometer sensor smartphones to turn a device or tablet into an easy-to-use metal detector and electromagnetic scanner. The app is a handy little tool for persons wanting to conduct experiments and research. 
You can use the smartphone metal detector app for real-time scanning. It can also be used to automatically record magnetic field measurements for longer periods of time, allowing you to then analyze the results at another time. The Tesla Metal Detector & Magnetic Field Recorder by Exelerus has a number of features, including an optional sound feedback signal, optional emulation of readings, micro Tesla units (µT) measurements, a gauge showing real-time strength (magnitude) of the electromagnetic field, A diagram showing real-time measurement of electromagnetic field strength in all three dimensions (x, y, z), and more.

These are the best metal detecting apps for smartphone devices available right now. By downloading and opening any one of these apps, you will immediately turn your smartphone into a powerful metal detecting device.

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