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The XP MI-4 Pinpointer is for everyone! Use alongside any metal detector. The MI-4 is waterproof to 20 feet, 6 meters for use on land and in both fresh and salt water environments. Includes a built in Rechargeable Battery System, Lanyard and Holster. Premium quality, backed by a full 2 year warranty.

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Use Stand-Alone Beside any Brand of Metal Detector

The XP MI-4 Pinpointer is for everyone! Use alongside any metal detector with six (6) easy to use modes. The MI-4 is waterproof to 6 meters and includes a built in rechargeable battery system. Premium quality and backed by a full 2 year warranty. Includes Lanyard and Holster.

XP MI-4 Pinpointer Standard Features

Access all functions with 1 single button
All round 360° detection
Fast re-tune
Loudspeaker & Vibration
LED light can be switched ON or OFF
3 Levels of Sensitivity

"My experience with the XP Waterproof Pinpointer has been in some of the most mineralized soils in the USA - Northern, Virginia. The performance is excellent! It makes locating Civil War relics in the plug very easy. Many other brands of pinpointers have a significant reduction in performance in this hot red clay. The XP Pinpointer handles these tough conditions much better than most due to its ground balancing feature."

- Keith Leppert, Fort Bedford Metal Detectors, Alum Bank, PA

XP MI-4 Advanced Features

Waterproof up to 6 meters
Landyard with stainless ring
Rechargeable lithium battery
Ergonomic rubber hand grip
2 audio modes PITCH or PULSE
Parts totally replaceable
6 programs
Rotating holster

"The XP pinpointer is superior quality! No crosstalk or interference with the pinpointer and Metal Detectors."

- Ed Huffman, Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors, Maryville, TN

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