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Our Business Timeline

1983 Detector Electronics Corp. is born at the home of David & Sondra Bernzweig, and begins marketing David’s invention under the DepthMaster® brand name. The initial reports from consumers are overwhelmingly positive.
1984 Glowing DepthMaster® field test reports begin appearing in many treasure hunting magazines around the world including the Australian Gold Gem and Treasure Hunter, the French Tresors and several magazines in the United States including Treasure, Western & Eastern Treasures and Lost Treasure.
  • Detector Electronics Corp. moves to a commercial location! Employees are added, manufacturing is expanded and a retail showroom is established.
  • Hundreds of metal detector dealers and over a dozen distributors begin representing the DepthMaster® products across the United States and internationally.
  • Sondra and David hit the road and begin visiting dealers, distributors and customers.
  • David is awarded a patent (4,594,559 and 4,644,290) for his invention, the DepthMaster® circuitry.
  • Detector Electronics Corp. sells one of the first Garrett walk-through metal detectors in the country to a bar owner in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  • The concept of a walk-through metal detector being used in a bar is so unique that the Associated Press picks up the story and sends it around the world!
  • Detector Electronics Corp. introduces the original DepthMaster® SuperphoneTM metal detecting headphone.
1994 Detector Electronics Corp. selected to supply security metal detectors to the trial courts throughout the state of Massachusetts.
1996 The MetalDetector.com website is launched to offer metal detectors to customers online.
1997 Detector Electronics Corp. introduces the innovative DepthMaster SuperProbe,TM one of the first microprocessor controlled pinpointing metal detectors.
2001 Michael and Daniel are invited to the Minelab headquarters in Australia for a distributor conference hosted by Gerry Branigan, former Managing Director.
2002 MetalDetector.com website receives a major update
2004 Amazon changes their business model and approaches MetalDetector.com to be one of the first companies to supply metal detectors to consumers online through their new marketplace concept.
2005 Detector Electronics Corp. moves to its current location at 23 Turnpike Rd., Southborough Massachusetts.
2006 Company cofounder David Bernzweig passes away.
2008 Company cofounder Sondra Bernzweig officially retires.
2009 A brand new warehouse is constructed to keep up with the growth of the business.
  • Detector Electronics Corp. is appointed Distributor for Makro Metal Detectors.
  • Launches first e-commerce enabled mobile site in the industry.
  • The warehouse is further expanded with the addition of a bulk goods facility.
  • Detector Electronics Corp. is appointed Distributor for XP Metal Detectors.
  • MetalDetector.com website debuts a brand new look along with upgraded, state of the art functionality.
  • Installed Generac Generators across our physical plant for added operational uptime
  • Increased warehouse efficiency
  • Expanded reseller channel
  • Enhanced Employee Benefits
  • John Donahue, CEO and President of eBay presents “Top Rated Seller” award to Detector Electronics Corp.

  • 30th Anniversary Achieved

  • MetalDetector.com website is awarded Google Trusted Store status.
  • MetalDetector.com updates mobile website with the latest best-in-class features and functionality.

  • Supported the hobby through donations to nearly 100 metal detecting clubs and organizations.
  • Expanded our social media channels.

Detector Electronics Corp. becomes a national retail partner for the White's brand of metal detectors.


Detector Electronics Corp. appointed as exclusive distributor DRS Electronics of Germany. The company produces a unique line of professional treasure hunting detectors.


Detector Electronics Corp appointed as exclusive distributor for Detech Bulgaria. Their product range includes hobby and treasure hunting metal detectors and search coils.

  • 40th Anniversary Achieved!
  • New website launches including a nationwide warehousing system to get detectors to customers as fast as possible.