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XP DEUS 2 Waterproof Multi Frequency Metal Detector with FMF Coil - Choose Accessories

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Questions Answered

Today, XP is once more pushing the limits by creating, the first wireless, multi-frequency metal detector with unique features and performance. Once the coil, remote control, headphones and optional pinpointer are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency using the XP patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the search coil are quickly transmitted to the headphones without any delay, giving the DEUS II unparalleled speed and accuracy. The DEUS 2 performs extremely well in all terrain and conditions, both on land and at sea, thanks to FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology. Waterproof to 20 meters.

DEUS II, eXPlore like never before

Choose the Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency programs or between 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz.

 DEUS II Fast Multi Frequency Illustration

The above graphic Illustrates the sensitivity and the iron discrimination capability depending on frequency and the advantage of Fast Multi Frequency programs covering a large spectrum of targets. This is only a basic schematic which can vary depending the programs and real terrain conditions.

DEUS II Waterproof to 20 Meters

    WS6 Headphones

    WS6 Headphones

    The first DEUS II wireless headphones.

    The WS6 are not just wireless audio headphones. Without the remote control, they can be a stand alone unit and connect with the coil for an extremely ergonomic and lightweight configuration. The WS6 Module can be unclipped and mounted on the stem to make the most of the control screen, the target display and all the settings. It is then ideally supplemented by the WSA II or WSA II-XL wireless headphones.

    WS6 - 3 Configurations

    WS6 - 3 Configurations

    1. WS6 slave of the remote (from 750gr with coil 22.5cm (9") and the remote control in its pocket): The remote control is master and controls the coil, the functions and the settings. The WS6 works as an headphones only.
    2. WS6 MASTER (+headphones): In this comfortable configuration (from 750gr with coil 22.5cm (9") and the WS6 in your pocket) the WS6 controls the coil, adjusts all the settings and displays the targets. The WS6 offers a very detailed graphic screen. In the near future you will be able to pair it with the upcoming XP wireless headphones WSA II / WSA II-XL or connect it to the FX03 wired XP headphones.
    3. WS6 MASTER (WS6 only): This is the DEUS II lightest configuration. Here the WS6 module is clipped to the backphones (750gr with coil 22.5cm (9")). The WS6 controls the coil, adjusts all the settings and displays the targets. The WS6 offers a very detailed graphic screen.

    Quick assembly – disassembly

    WS6 Headphones

    DEUS II WS6 Headphone Specifications

    • Wireless through XP radio patented protocol
    • MI-6 connection
    • Built in operational controls
    • Foldable and ergonomic, changeable backphones at any time
    • Weatherproof
    • Lithium battery
    • Battery life: 15 hours
    • Weight: 82gr
    • Resolution: 64x64 px
    • Fast charge USB protocol: less than 3 hours
    • Indicates the headphones and the coil battery levels
    • Accurate in-depth Target ID
    • Coil change (10 coils)
    • Designed to last, 5 Year warranty
    • Made in France

    DEUS II Waterproof Remote Control

     DEUS II Waterproof Remote Control

    The control module, also known as the remote control or RC allows you to adjust the internal settings of your DEUS II. It can be fixed on the stem or stored in a pocket – The remote control is not required if you choose to use the WS6 headphones as a master to control your detector.

    On the back of your remote control…

    back of DEUS II remote control


    • Battery level
    • Update software
    • Wired headset (optional)
    • Bone conduction headphones BH-01 (optional)
    • IP68: Certified for submersion up to 20M, waterproofing and pressure resistance guaranteed
    • Waterproof up to 20 Meters / 66 Feet
    • All Terrain
    • Shockproof

    DEUS II Remote Control Cap setup

    DEUS II Remote Control Cap setup

    • GREY PLUG No. 1 = 1m max. This is the plug for common use on land or for a submerged remote control up to 1m. 
    • RED PLUG No. 2 = 20m max. For underwater use only. Make sure to replace it by the grey plug once back on land.

    The remote control can be clipped and unclipped in 2 seconds... A simple thumb press on the bottom of the remote control is all it takes.


    The 12 factory programs + 12 user programs

    DEUS II has the advantage of offering a wide range of programs suitable for all ground and search conditions.

    1. GENERAL: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz • Conductive soil subtraction. GENERAL uses low and high frequencies and gives an excellent assessment of targets in the soil. It suits both beginners and experienced users. It offers an excellent target/false signal ratio in the ground, as it rejects the moisture in the soils, which can cause halos and false sounds when passing over holes, for example. You will therefore have more confidence on deep targets. This damp / wet soil subtraction thus attenuates the very low electric conductors like coke (coal, and conductive stone) and to a lesser extent certain very thin targets like aluminum foil.
    2. SENSITIVE: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz • Frequency addition. SENSITIVE uses low and high frequencies up to 40 kHz. Highly efficient on all targets, it will be very effective in mineralized and polluted ground when searching for the smallest targets.
    3. SENSI FT: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz • Frequency addition. SENSITIVE FULL TONES is based on the same platform as Prg. 2 - SENSITIVE, but it is configured with Full Tone audio mode, with Reactivity at 3 instead of 2.5. It offers a very rich and informative sound identification that requires a little more experience, as each target index generates a different tone in proportion to conductivity (see Discri > Full Tones). Very efficient in highly-polluted ferrous and mineralized ground.
    4. FAST: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz • Frequency addition. FAST is based on the same platform as Prg. 2 - SENSITIVE, but the audio is set to Pitch mode with Reactivity at 3 instead of 2.5 and uses the square audio feature. These three settings combined allow the machine to work fast in ferrous-polluted and mineralized ground.
    5. PARK: FMF • Max. freq. 24khz • Frequency addition. PARK is adjusted for searching recreational area’s such as, parks, dry sand beach, etc., sites that are normally polluted.
    6. DEEP HC: FMF • Max. freq. 14khz • Frequency addition. DEEP HIGH CONDUCTOR adds together very low and medium frequencies up to 14 kHz. Designed to better locate good conductivity targets, it is ideal for clusters of coins whilst maintaining excellent sensitivity to isolated coins using its 14 kHz frequency.
    7. DEUS MONO: MONOFREQUENCY adjustable from 4 to 45kHz. DEUS MONO works on a single frequency like 1, but combines the advantages of DEUS II, such as its expanded frequency range to 45 kHz, improved performance, audio quality, better EMI rejection, etc. There is more likelihood of connecting with an unstable frequency while using several simultaneous frequencies than with just one and the DEUS MONO could help you in these situations. 
    8. GOLD FIELD: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz • Frequency addition. GOLD FIELD is intended for highly-mineralized gold-bearing ground. Gold nuggets are often seen as the ground or ferrous items in these tricky environments. It is set to “all metal” for deeper detection and only rejects the localised ground to which you should regularly adjust by Grabbing (see Ground). It will accept ground above and below your Ground setting.
    9. RELIC: FMF • Max. freq. 24khz • Frequency subtraction. RELIC is processed in the same way as Prg. 8 - GOLD FIELD, but uses lower subtracted frequencies to search for large masses. It is configured for “all metal” with low Reactivity and only rejects the localised ground to which you should regularly adjust by Grabbing (see Ground). It will then accept ground above and below this ground setting.
    10. DIVING: FMF • Max. freq. 14khz • Conductive soil subtraction. DIVING is the first and most stable of three programs intended for submerging in saltwater environments or simply on wet sand. Its very low and medium subtracted frequencies will better locate valuable targets such as rings and coins, whilst naturally being less responsive to low conductive targets like aluminum foil compared to the more sensitive Beach 11 and 12 programs. It can thus save time and be more effective in difficult diving conditions.
    11. BEACH: FMF • Max. freq. 24khz • Conductive soil subtraction. BEACH uses higher frequencies up to 24 kHz and thus is more sensitive to small targets compared to Diving. It is well suited to wet zones.
    12. BEACH SENS: FMF • Max. freq. 40khz • Conductive soil subtraction. BEACH SENS incorporates frequencies up to 40 kHz offering excellent sensitivity to the smallest targets without losing performance on bigger targets. This is the deepest beach program for wet conditions but also the most reactive.
    • MI-6 connection
    • Wireless Remote Control battery life up to 30H depending on audio output activated
    • Designed to last: 5 year warranty, and more
    • Made in France

    DEUS II Rich Audio Options

    • Ferrous 
    • Low conductivity medium sound
    • High conductivity high pitch
    • Ferrous Pitch - Bass tone on ferrous targets
    • Pitch - Pitch for high conductivity targets

    DEUS II S-Telescopic Stem

    DEUS II S-Telescopic Stem

    The first telescopic and ergonomic S-Stem. This new patented stem provides instant storage and greater maneuverability than conventional stems with added grips. Ergonomics has been studied by our research department. Our designers have developed a rubber grip designed to fit the shape of your hand and an improved grip angle.

    Telescopic: Store your detector in 5 seconds

    Collapse the stem of your detector and store it in your backpack in just a few seconds. Once folded, your detector will only measure 65 cm in length (equipped with a 9" coil).

    Ergonomic, it adapts to your desired search height but remains adjustable at any time


    9" DEUS II XP FMF Coil

    • FMF®: Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency coil, from 4 to 45 kHz.
    • Compatible with the DEUS II
    • Choose the Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency programs or between 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz. 

    DEUS II Technical Specifications XP 9" FMF Coil

    Wireless FMF® Fast and simultaneous multi frequency coil

    • 49 frequencies: from 4 to 45 kHz
    • Wireless Coil battery life: up to 20H depending on programs and frequencies
    • Weight: 345 gr
    • Fully waterproof up to 20 meters
    • Supplied with coil cover, screwing kit and lower stem
    • 5 Year warranty (design to last)
    • Made in France

    DEUS II Waterproof to 20 Meters

    Optional BH-01 Bone Conduction Headphones

    XP is proud to present the first bone conduction headphones designed for metal detecting, BH-01. Made in France by XP, it is waterproof IP68 so you can dive with your DEUS 2 metal detector up to 20m deep.

    Optional BH-01 Bone Conduction Headphones

    Why a bone conduction headphones?

    Using ordinary waterproof headphones underwater, the ear fills with water and hearing is often lessened. BH-01 sits in front of the ears on the cheekbone and transmits sound to the inner ear directly through vibrations applied to the bones, without straining the eardrums. Your ears are therefore free.

    In disturbed or noisy water, you can dive usefully with ear plugs to avoid infection or simply to isolate yourself better from noise. You will thus hear the sound perfectly by bone conduction whilst protecting your ears.

    You can also use these headphones on land with the freedom of being able to hear your surroundings or, conversely, to isolate yourself from noisy surroundings, once again with ear plugs.

    BH-01 also allows the hearing impaired to feel the vibrations generated by the targets towards the cochlea, or simply the vibrations depending on the type of alteration of the hearing system. Adjusting the audio frequencies downwards (100 to 300 kHz) could further improve perception depending on the disorder.

    DEUS II BH-01 Bone Conduction Headphones Specifications

    • IP68 certified: waterproof up to 20m deep
    • Multi terrain: underwater and for windy and noisy environments
    • Designed to last, 5 Year warranty
    • Made in France