Nugget Busters NDT metal detecting headphones review

By Michael Bernzweig

Did you know the NDT in Nugget Busters NDT, a model of metal detecting headphones by DetectorPro, stands for No Down Time? That means a lot if you’re a gold prospector who takes their metal detector wherever the gold is. With these headphones you won’t be out in the field with yet another broken cord, or adapter. Instead, DetectorPro has made this unique model of metal detecting headphones with additional features to ensure that no matter how rugged the conditions you’ll have No Down Time.

One of the primary features that sets the Nugget Busters NDT apart from other headphones is the detachable cord and high-quality connector system. The cord and connector are both sturdy, durable, and are designed to lock together so they won’t disconnect just because you snag the cord on a small branch for example. Plus, with the Nugget Busters NDT you’ll receive two complete cords so you’re really ready for anything! Not only that, you also have your choice of plug size, two 1/4" plugs, two 1/8" plugs, or you can choose one of each size.

When you use the Nugget Busters NDT headphones you’ll also enjoy amazing sound quality as well as speakers that enable you to hear all the gold nuggets your machine is hitting on, even the small ones. DetectorPro has made the Nugget Busters NDT headphones easy to use with any single output metal detector as well by incorporating a selector switch for metal detector compatibility so there’s no adapters required!

You may think headphones this rugged couldn’t be comfortable to wear too, but these are. The Nugget Busters include polymer muffs with full-ear surround and soft cushions coupled with a padded, adjustable headband for hours of comfortable use. These muffs aren’t just comfortable though, they’re also engineered to block all ambient environmental noise up to 24 decibels. This coupled with the incredibly sensitive speakers built into the muffs and you’ll be hearing even the smallest gold flakes more clearly than ever.

To show you more about how these metal detecting headphones perform out in the field, here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received from detectorists already using the Nugget Busters NDT headphones.

Phil K. “......I had the most successful metal detecting trip with the Nugget Busters NDT. The extra cord came in very handy....”

Stanley P. “When I purchased the Nugget Busters NDT headphones I thought they’d be good, but never imagined they’d be this good!”

Trudy L. “...I only use the Nugget Busters NDT now and I’ve not had a problem since the switch.”

Ready to join the ranks of already satisfied Nugget Busters NDT users? Visit our product page. Here you’ll be able to review the full specifications sheet and manual from DetectorPro as well as watch an informational video and much more. This way you can learn as much as possible about the Nugget Busters NDT metal detecting headphones before you purchase them to enjoy for yourself.

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