Makro JeoTech Deep Seeking Metal Detector Pro Package + Bonus Pack

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This model ships complete with the two coil Pro Package. This exclusive bonus offer is available for a limited time. You will receive both the standard 8.5" x 12" D Coil and a FREE 14" x 17" D Coil ($749.95 Value) at no additional cost. The Makro JeoTech Deep searching metal detector is designed to discover the gold, jewelry, valuable metals, coins, underground caves and cavities that others have missed.
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List Price: $2,599.95

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List Price: $2,599.95

Special Price $1,999.95

Part Number: Jeotech_kit


Now Includes Pro Package! Ships with Two Search Coils - Discover Gold and Precious Metals Down To 4 Meters Deep

The JeoTech is the first model in the new Makro JeoSystem series of deep searching metal detectors. JeoTech has the depth of two box style metal detectors and is also sensitive to smaller objects. From individual coins to deeply buried treasure caches, the JeoTech can locate treasures beyond the reach of most ordinary detectors. The JeoTech is designed to locate deeply buried Gold and precious metals. This model is also capable of detecting underground cavities and voids like tunnels, graves, caves and cellars.

Makro Technology, Leading the Way In Deep Search Metal Detection

The Jeo System Series of deep seeking metal detectors are manufactured by Makro Technology, a division of Makro Group. Founded in 1986, Makro Technology has quickly become a world leader in the production of advanced metal detectors. Makro Technology is the prefered equipment used by thousands of treasure hunters around the world for locating treasures at extreme depths.

The Jeo System Series is equipped with a leading and unrivaled Target Signal Identification System. This system is has not been seen in any other detector in the World. The Jeo System Series has brought a whole new dimension to treasure hunting. Now you can discover the gold, jewelry, valuable metals, coins, underground caves and cavities that others have missed. Reach depths no one ever has reached before. Experience the thrill of discovering Gold, Silver, Platinum and other valuable treasures.

The unique Target Signal Identification System makes these detectors unlike anything else currently available. The user is provided with a complete real time target analysis of the objects underneath the ground. Signals are received from the ground in real time. These signals are then categorized and displayed on the LED display. All Makro detectors are backed by a full 2 year warranty.

Complete LED & Audio Detection System

The JeoTech model comes with a very practical, easy to understand, LED Identification System. Use the LED System when searching for coins, deep treasure caches under the earth, in walls and when searching slopes. The LED system will locate and identify treasures down to about 14 feet or 4 meters deep. On the left side of the LED display, underground caves and cavities are identified. The right side of the LED panel will identify metal signals. In addition to the visual LED System, the JeoTech is able to detect metal and cavity signals through two different audio sound tones.

In the graphic above, notice that in the first photo no target has been located. In the second photo, the left side of the LED panel is illuminated showing that a cavity has been located. In the third photo, the right hand side of the LED panel is illuminated showing that a junk target has been located. Finally in the fourth photo, we can see that the both the right side of the LED and the center LED is illuminated showing that we have located a precious metal.

Targets are divided into Four categories: Valuable, Non-Valuable, Steel & Cavities

Jeotech is capable of receiving and analyzing multiple signals simultaniously. The user is alerted in real time when valuable targets have been identified. Analysis is provided through a micro-processor controlled digital LED display system. Like the top of the line JeoHunter, the JeoTech provides the user with advanced metal discrimination. Targets are identified and divided into four distinct groups: valuable, non-valuable, steel and cavities. The JeoTech metal detector is one of the most advanced coin and treasure cache locators in the world.

Comfort Joystick Grip Design - Easy to Understand LED Display

The JeoTech is equipped with a flash LED display system. The display is mounted on a comfortablte joystick style control shaft. On the left side of the LED display panel, cavities in the earth are displayed. On the right side of the LED display metal targets are displayed. In the center of the display Gold, Silver and other precious metals are displayed. If the target is steel, the detector will not give any indication of valuable metal on the second pass of the search coil. The JeoTech is also equipped with an audio identification system. The analysis of the target is provided by the software built in to the new JeoTech metal detector. No need for a separate computer or software, everything you need is built right in to the new JeoTech. In the field, results are displayed to you instantly, right down to the type of metal.

Locate Underground Caves, Tunnels and Cavities

Now you can locate valuable treasures that have been hidden beneath the earth in non metallic containers. The New JeoTech is able to detect cavities and voids under the ground like tunnels, graves, caves and cellars. Never before has this type of feature been available in a locating system. Locate non metallic containers with buried treasures such as Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and other precious stones. While no detector can locate the precious stones, the JeoTech can locate the containers that they are buried in.

Includes Everything You Need To Start Locating Deep Gold

The JeoTech includes everything you need to get started. The following items are include with the JeoTech metal detector:

  • Padded Carry Case

  • Deluxe Headphones

  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Wall Plug Charger

  • USA & European Wall Plug Connections

  • Detailed User Manual

  • Warranty Certificate

  • Car Charger

Locates Both Individual Targets and Large Treasure Caches!

The Makro JeoTech is like two detectors in one, a deep two box detector and a traditional small object metal detector. The JeoTech has the capability to locate both large and small treasures with just the one standard search coil head. The advanced design of the unit allows extreme sensitivity to individual targets such as coins with the standard search head. The standard search coil measures 8.5" x 12" (210 cm x 315 cm) and can also detect large treasures down to about 14 feet or 4 meters. You will be amazed at the depth and power of the JeoTech detector.

Detect With Ease in Difficult Mineralized Ground Conditions

All JeoSystem detectors can be ground balanced in any type of mineralized ground conditions that you may encounter. The ground balancing system allows you to use the detector in the harshest soil and ground conditions. The JeoTech includes a manual audio ground adjust feature that enables the user to search and detect with ease. The most important characteristic of the JeoTech, is it's ability to easilly detect in highly mineralzed soil conditions, anywhere in the world. The JeoTech can even detect targets under rocks containing high levels of minerals (hot rocks). The JeoTech can be used along salt water coast lines, along beaches and in desert conditions. Thanks to it's specially developed ground filter system, the JeoTech is not effected by environmental interference.

Advanced Micro-Processor Technology, Yet Easy To Use!

Both amateur and professional users alike will find the JeoTech is designed with ease of use in mind. The visual LED Display and intuitive controls, make this detector easy to use and understand. This is a refreshing difference from other detectors on the market. Just turn it on and start finding treasure.

Target Size & Depth Range Chart:

Start Your Search For Treasure Today!

The New Makro JeoTech is now available. Order online or call today for more details on this exciting new system. Experience the excitement of locating Gold and other treasures that were previously just beyond the reach of current technologies.

JeoTech Deep Seeking Metal Detector Detailed Specifications:


38.5" - 55"


5.2 Pounds

Search Coil

8.5" x 12" D Coil

Audio Output


Headset Output

1/4" or 6.3 mm + 3.5 mm Adapter




Power LED


Sinusoidal Wave

Coil Frequency

12-13 KHz

Operating System

VLF (Very Low Frequency)

Metal Discrimination

Non-Ferrous / Ferrous / Steel + Cavity

Election of Ferrous


Depth Indicator


Audio tones


Ground Balance


Sensivity Adjustment


Noise Canceling





Ground Memory



Battery Gauge


Battery Type

Lithium Polymer Battery

Battery Life

Up To 10 Hours

Additional Information

SKU Jeotech_kit
Approximate Weight 5 Pounds
Audio Identification 2-tone
Battery Requirements Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Indicator Yes
Brand Makro
Built-In Flashlight No
Search Coil Size 8.5" x 12" and 14" x 17"
Country Turkey
Ground Balance Manual Ground Balance
Headphone Jack Size 1/4 Inch
Holster Included No
Includes Bonus Items Yes
Length Adjustable
Operating Mode All Metal and Discriminate
Operating Frequency 12 kHz
Circuitry Type VLF
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Search Coil Shape Square
Search Coil Type Dual Field
Sensitivity Adjustment Yes
Vibrating Alert No
Visual Identification LED Light
Warranty 2 Years
Water Resistance Water Resistant Coil

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