Best gold metal detectors are easy to find when you know where to look. See the top models for prospecting.


Best gold metal detectors are easy to find when you know where to look. See the top models for prospecting.


Metal detecting is a fun hobby that many people enjoy. Some detectorists take up metal detecting for fun, to find a few treasures, or search for hidden relics buried below the ground’s surface. While some individuals take up metal detecting as a hobby, there are some that are far more serious about it. Gold detecting draws outdoorsmen and women to the hunt. The allure of gold makes hunting for buried treasure even more exciting. Of course, anyone serious about finding the metal needs to have one of the best metal detector products on the market.

Hunting for gold can be an exciting way to explore the outdoors. It can also be a way to make money, especially if you find a deposit of gold overlooked by others.

Are you searching for deep gold treasures or large veins of gold?

In this case, you should consider a top deep seeking gold metal detector. One of the most advanced series of deep seeking gold treasure detectors is produced by Groundtech metal detectors. They produce the Discovery series for locating deep gold treasures. The two models in this series are detailed on the pages below:

The Best gold metal detector: Before you search for gold

Metal detectors have made searching for gold a far easier task than the days of prospectors panning for the precious metal in rivers. The best gold detector products on the market have advanced technologies that enable you to locate the metal and extract it. Some detectorists have made a full-time living finding jewelry, money, and other buried items. These are all great finds but using a metal detector for gold is a way to make more money as a detectorist. It is difficult to narrow down just one model as the best metal detector for gold as you need to find one that works best for you as a detectorist. There are low-end models that are nicely priced, while high-end designs come with all the bells and whistles.

Before searching for gold, you will need to purchase a metal detector that is right for the job. You can always buy a basic metal detector that locates coins and jewelry, but if you want to locate gold, you will need to buy a model that is made for the job.

The best gold metal detector products do not come cheap. This is because you are investing in a product that is going to help you locate a precious metal and make money. A gold metal detector can enable you to make a great living. Therefore, the kit doesn’t necessarily come cheap; although there are different price points.

The Best gold metal detector: Finding gold nuggets

If you want to find gold nuggets and get rich, then you must know where to search. Gold doesn’t just show up in random places such as your backyard, a park, or an abandoned field. The best places to search are those areas in which gold has been found previously. One of the best places to find gold is in old dredge tailing piles. These are areas in which leftovers from gold dredging can be located. You may be able to find gold nuggets that were overlooked by the people who initially dredged the area.

Gold is a metal that has been found in a variety of locations. In the United States, you can find gold all over the country. Although the biggest gold rushes occurred in specific western states, you can find the metal in other parts. You may need the best gold metal detector on the market to locate it, however.

The Best gold metal detector: Which one is right for you?

You will need the right kit for your gold detecting. Not all metal detectors are made equal, so you may need to do your homework and find the one that fits into your gold hunting criteria. Here are four of the best gold metal detectors on the market.

XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with High Frequency Coil

One of the important aspects of a gold metal detector is its weight. You may be searching for a number of hours; therefore, you will want a light device that makes hunting easy. The ORX is under two pounds and takes the strain off of your arms, shoulders, and back.

The ORX is the world’s only completely wireless gold metal detector. It comes with 21 frequencies enabling searches over multiple terrains. Another reason this is one of the best metal detector products on the market.

XP Deus with High Frequency Coil

While the XP ORX with the High Frequency Elliptical coil is more of a middle of the line model, the XP Deus is for more experienced detectorists. The 9.5" Elliptical High Frequency coil is available as an option for this top of the line model. With this coil you can locate the tiniest nuggets. The XP Deus is a wireless metal detector keeping you from being caught up in the device itself. Like the XP ORX, the XP Deus is lightweight at just 1lb 15 ounces.

The XP Deus has proven so popular with gold detectorists that the product’s manufacturer XP Metal Detectors has been working to produce enough for the demand. You will find a number of exciting features on the XP Deus as it combines four types of detecting into one. Gold, relic, coin and jewelry, and beach detecting are all possible with the XP Deus. There is also the chance to combine the MI-6 pinpointer with the XP Deus for more exact gold searches.

Fisher Gold Bug 2

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is a legendary gold prospecting metal detector. This model has fans across the globe and for good reason - it finds gold nuggets! From first time users to experienced professionals this model is easy to learn and does the job. No fancy bells and whistles here, this model comes with a choice of search coils for different applications. The small 6 inch search head is perfect for tight spots and finds the tiniest gold nuggets. The larger 10-inch search head provides an excellent depth and ground coverage for a variety of terrains. An optional 14” search head provides added depth and coverage for locating deep gold nuggets and veins of gold.

Garrett ATX Deepseeker Waterproof Metal Detector

The Garrett ATX Deepseeker is a high-end model and one of the best gold metal detector devices on the market. The device uses pulse technology allowing you to find the smallest gold nuggets possible. Customer reviews prove that you can easily locate gold, relics, and jewelry using the highly rated metal detector.

The best part about the Garrett ATX is that the metal detector was created to find the smallest pieces of gold in a variety of soil types. The device’s extreme sensitivity is what sets it apart from other gold metal detectors. In addition, you can use it in water up to 10 ft.

A gold metal detector is an investment. The higher the frequency the better your detector will locate gold. For this reason, many of the best gold prospecting detectors are high-frequency models. You cannot just use any old metal detector to find gold and that is why you need one of the best metal detector devices on the market to find the precious metal.

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