Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil with Digital Display

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Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil with Digital Display

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The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is a legendary gold nugget hunter from the oldest name in metal detection. This model is based on the classic gold bug design that has been perfected over many years. An easy to read digital display makes for precise adjustment of the Gold Bug 2. Be sure to read our Guide Comparing the Fisher Gold Bug, Gold Bug 2 and Gold Bug Pro metal detectors.

A Proven Gold Nugget Finding Track Record

Like the original Fisher Gold Bug metal detector, the Fisher Gold Bug-2 is designed for finding gold nuggets. It offers extraordinary sensitivity, ultra-high frequency. In fact it is one of the highest frequency gold prospecting detectors available. Exceptional it offers iron-discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio-boost and the ability to operate in extremely mineralized soil with a 3-position mineralization switch. All of this plus it is backed by Fisher's 5 Year Warranty.

Exceptional Performance. Easy to Use.

The Gold Bug 2 is produced in El Paso, TX by Fisher Labs. It is based on the classic Gold Bug design, which has been perfected over many years. It operates at an ultra high frequency of 71 kHz, which is the highest operating frequency on the market. Fisher Engineers have designed it to be extremely sensitive to the smallest gold nuggets. Its Iron discrimination mode allows you to avoid trash targets and hot rock minerals by filtering them out and rejecting iron. The Gold Bug comes with either a 6.5" or 10" search coil with the option to purchase both. The built-in audio boost provides exceptional audio clarity on even the smallest targets even in highly mineralized soil.

Advanced Iron Discrimination

This model filters ferrous targets in the iron disc mode. In fact this feature is also popular with people who are treasure hunting and relic hunting for historical relics and long buried treasure caches. An advanced ground balance mode lets you tune out ground minerals while gold prospecting. As you are getting set up for an afternoon of metal detecting, you will find that ground balancing is easy with the Gold Bug 2. In fact so much so that this model has become the go-to detector for thousands of amateur and professional miners around the world. Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detectors come standard with 6.5" or 10" Elliptical DD search coils. The device has an Iron discriminate mode that automatically rejects iron targets while detecting. Filtering out trash targets certainly makes your time in the field more productive.

Lightweight Design

Fisher metal detectors has designed this unit with a three-position toggle switch to easily adjust your settings. The control housing is light weight and shielded to eliminate electrical interference. A single adjustment controls threshold tone. This model features the increased sensitivity you will need to detect small gold nuggets. One adjustment controls signal response volume. Overall, a compact 3 piece small shaft assembly connects from the upper pole to the middle pole and then to the coil. Dust and moisture are not an issue with this model. Quartz crystal locked electronics ensure consistent performance in the field. The dual knob ground control provides coarse and fine adjustments. A digital LCD display provides detailed information. 

Gold Bug 2 Specifications

  • Powerful 71kHz Operation for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets.
  • “IRON DISC” mode rejects iron (trash) targets and hot rocks.
  • Resistant to dust and moisture.
  • Boosts audio signal of small and deep targets.
  • Convertible to hipmount or chest mount.
  • Weighs only 2.9 lbs.
  • Quartz-crystal locked electronics.
  • 10" Search Coil
  • Takes only two, drop-in, 9-V batteries. (Included)
  • Dual-knob ground control for coarse and fine adjustment.
  • *5 Year Warranty*

Fisher Gold Bug-2 Includes these Standard Factory Items

  • Waterproof Elliptical Search Coil
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Detailed Instruction Manual