Fisher XLT 30 A, XLT 30 B, XLT 30 C and XLT 30 D Comparison

The XLT 17 is the base model in the Fisher liquid leak detector line-up. This model shares many common features with the XLT 30. The features and available attachments for the XLT 17 are limited when compared to the XLT-30. The XLT 17 is a good choice if you are on a tight budget or have more limited needs.

Differences between the Fisher XLT 17 and the XLT 30

Sensor Options:
The Multi-Sensor comes standard with the XLT 17 and is suitable for a wide variety of uses. The Multi-Sensor offers superior leak detection capabilities in an extremely compact design. The only optional sensor for the XLT 17 is the Little foot sensor. The “Little Foot” is specifically designed for indoor use— it is an excellent sensor for plumbers. The Big Foot sensor is not an option for the XLT-17.

Filter Options:
The XLT 17 has less filter options than the XLT 30. It has a narrower bandwidth available in its sensors. The included filters are limited to 4 and are adequate for a wide range of applictions. The filters include: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and All Pass. The XLT 30 adds an advanced Notch Filter. This added filter provides an adjustable center frequency rejection range from 150 Hz to 2.4kHz.

Display Features:
The XLT 17 does not include a backlight on the display. A backlight is helpful in low light conditions.

Fisher XLT 17 and XLT 30 Water Leak Detector Comparison Video Overview and Instructions

Fisher XLT 17 Liquid Leak Detector Standard Equipment:

  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Operation Manual
  • Control Unit
  • Headphones
  • Muti-Sensor
  • Carry Strap/Housing Bracket
  • Sound Rods

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