Fisher XLT-17 and Fisher XLT 100 Compact Acoustic Water Leak Detector Comparison

Fisher Research Labs innovation in industrial metal detectors has led to the development of additional high-quality, industrial products to help locate utilities underground or out of sight. The same quality found in Fisher’s other detectors can be found in their professional water leak detectors.

What’s the Difference Between the Fisher XLT-17 and Fisher XLT 100 Compact Acoustic Water Leak Detector?

Designed for the everyday demands of utility, water distribution, and plumbing professionals, Fisher’s water leak detectors are simple to operate and offer excellent sound quality. Whether you are looking for the full-featured performance of the XLT 17 or the compact size and ease of use of the XLT 100, Fisher has the leak detector to suit your professional needs.

Fisher XLT-17 Liquid Leak Detector

An affordable, compact, and easy to use liquid leak detector, the XLT-17 uses Fisher’s Multi-Sensor to locate and pinpoint leaks in pipes. The unit electronically amplifies leak sounds, filters out noise, isolates the sound of the leak, and helps the operator locate the source. Add the optional Little Foot Assembly handheld microphone to locate leaks inside buildings and in tight spots too large for the multi-sensor to access.

Fisher XLT 100 Compact Acoustic Water Leak Detector

A compact listening device for water leak detection and water leak surveys, the XLT 100 can quickly detect leaks from available access points like valves, hydrants, and meters. The compact, lightweight design and simple operation make it perfect for everyday use for plumbers and water distribution professionals.

What the Fisher XLT-17 and XLT 100 Compact Acoustic Water Leak Detector Have in Common

  • 4 Frequency Filters: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and All Pass
  • Carry Case Included
  • Shielded Sensor - Reduces response to outside noise
  • Headphones Included
  • Sound Rods Included
  • 2 Year Warranty

What is Unique to the Fisher XLT-17 Liquid Leak Detector

  • Included Multi-Sensor
  • Automatic Battery Test
  • Last Setting Memory Feature
  • Rugged Membrane Keypad
  • Hardwired Headphones

What is Unique to the XLT 100 Compact Acoustic Water Leak Detector

  • 50 and 60 Hz Notch Filtering
  • Battery Indicator
  • ⅛” Headphone Jack
  • Portable Design

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