Garrett metal detectors are fun and easy to use. Learn about the best entry level models.

Metal detecting is far more than finding lost coins and old cans. It is an exciting hobby that can result in some seriously great finds and fun. Over the years, there have been some extremely valuable discoveries by amateur detectorists. Many of these individuals had simply taken their Garrett metal detector and searched the beach, local countryside, or another area. Although they hoped to find something exciting, their results were far greater than they ever hoped for.

Becoming an amateur detectorist is rather simple. All you really need is a metal detector and ambition to seek out buried treasures and hidden items. Of course, the metal detector that you purchase is one of the biggest investments you will make as a detectorist. Regardless, if you want to search for coins, relics or jewelry as a hobby or as a professional, you will need the right equipment.

Why should you become a detectorist?

You may wonder, what makes metal detecting such an alluring pastime for prospective detectorists? The answers may vary depending on who you ask. For one, metal detecting gets you outside and into nature. Whether you are searching for coins and jewelry on the beach or seeking relics in an old battlefield, you will be outside and enjoy the activity. You may not realize it when searching for items, but you could end up walking several miles during the day. These miles add up and are great ways to stay fit.

Not only do you get to fulfill your dream of being an amateur historian or detective, but you get exercise while searching for treasures. If you are lucky enough, or just good at searching, you may find an item that brings you a nice windfall of cash. This could come from a rare coin, jewelry, or even a gold nugget.

Metal detecting can also build camaraderie between yourself and others. There are clubs all over the world that connect detectorists. Members of these clubs can go out on organized searches as they locate finds together.

One of the great things about metal detecting is it can be done practically anywhere within the law. You can go on vacation and spend time searching with your Garrett metal detector until you get your fill. Perhaps there is a special place you have always wanted to search. Why not combine it with a vacation?

Garrett metal detectors for hobbyists

Garrett metal detectors are a great introductory device for those new to the hobby. The company makes a number of metal detectors that fit into a variety of budgets. If you want a low-priced device, you can certainly find it in the Garrett metal detector Ace series product list. The company also makes a number of high-end devices including the Garrett ATX Waterproof metal detector. This model is sensitive to the tiniest gold nuggets and can be used on land or in the water. It features a pulse circuit that detects super deep into the ground.

The line of Garrett metal detectors is perfect for anyone interested in becoming a detectorist or upgrading their game. Garrett’s wide range of metal detectors means you can upgrade your device but still use the same quality products you have come to know.

So, which Garrett metal detectors are ideal for those just starting out?

Garrett metal detectors Ace series: Buying your first metal detector

A metal detector should fit into the type of search you want to conduct. If you want to search for coins, jewelry, or relics, you will need a metal detector that is different from high-end gold Garrett metal detectors on the market. Here is a look at three Garrett Ace series metal detectors for individuals new to the hobby. These are perfectly priced for anyone just getting into the game.

Garrett Ace 200

The Garrett Ace 200 is the first model in the Ace series. The Ace 200 is a state of the art introductory metal detector produced by the company. The device is ideal for coin, relic, and jewelry searches. New detectorists can use Garrett metal detectors on different landscapes including dry beaches and fresh water. The low-priced device will give you the chance to get your feet wet and hands dirty when it comes to metal detecting.

Garrett Ace 300

The Garrett Ace 300 is a step up from the 200 model and provides newbie detectorists with some brilliant features. The Ace 300 comes with Digital Target ID, enhanced detection abilities not found on the 200 model, and an upgraded audio system. Garrett metal detectors come in all shapes and sizes, but none of the company’s models pack as much punch for the price as the Ace 300. One of the aspects of the Ace 300 that makes it stand out even more – like that is possible – is its electronic pinpointing system that accurately targets items under the surface.

Garrett Ace 400

While the Ace 200 and Ace 300 are perfectly priced Garrett metal detectors that deliver bang for your buck, the Garrett Ace 400 is the premier device in the series. Unlike the other Ace series models, the Ace 400 comes with the Iron Audio feature which appears on the Garrett AT Pro and AT Gold metal detectors. The device features a coin depth indicator allowing you to know just how deep items are below the surface. The Ace 400 also comes with the same electronic pinpointing system found on the 300.

While you may be influenced to purchase a professional level Garrett metal detector from the start, the Ace series is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the hobby. In addition, the Ace series of metal detectors are high-quality devices with many of the bells and whistles other companies’ high-end models possess.

If you are new to metal detecting, Garrett metal detectors are a great place to start out. Find lost objects, coins, or even gold nuggets as you explore your new hobby of metal detecting.