Schonstedt u-LOCATE Pipe and Cable Locator 82 kHz

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Schonstedt u-LOCATE Pipe and Cable Locator 82 kHz



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Please note, due to supply chain issues, current lead time is 2-3 weeks before shipment. 

Does your job involve excavating in or around buried pipes and cables? Damaging buried utilities can be costly and dangerous. The Schonstedt u-LOCATE Single Frequency Locator with passive mode and depth and 1-watt transmitter allows you to quickly and accurately locate underground utilities, helping prevent costly damages, utility strikes, and service outages.

  • Avoid hitting or damaging buried utilities
  • Robust locator, designed for all types of weather and environments
  • Easy to use, right when you need it
  • Left/right arrows and audio signals help guide you towards the buried utility
  • Discriminates between utilities and other buried materials – locate the utility you want
  • Depth estimation at the press of a button
  • Minimize downtime with online training videos and support

Schonstedt u-LOCATE Locator Features

  • High contrast screen - Provides clarity even in bright sunlight
  • Headphone socket - For improved audio isolation
  • Rugged construction: Shock resistant, casing protects against knocks, drops, water and dust
  • Light weight and ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • High visibility reflective design helps protect operators and equipment

    Schonstedt u-LOCATE Transmitter Features

    Locate more utilities with dual power capability

    • Accessory connection socket.
    • Accessory storage tray - Conveniently store accessories, including the supplied magnet, earth stake, and direct connection leads.

      Schonstedt u-LOCATE Standard Equipment

      1. u-LOCATE Receiver with batteries
      2. u-LOCATE Transmitter with batteries
      3. Conductive Clips
      4. Soft Carrying Case
      5. Ground Stake & Magnet
      6. Welcome Placard to download the manual, register unit, watch training videos

        Schonstedt u-LOCATE Optional Accessories

        Add any of the followoing optional accessories to optimize the u-LOCATE system to your specific needs From locating telephone cables in a bundle to underwater power cables, Radiodetection’s accessory range extends the capabilities of your u-LOCATE locator and transmitter.

        • 2” Signal Clamp
        • 5” Signal Clamp
        • 8.5” Signal Clamp
        • Live Plug Connector (for tracing home AC power)
        • 512 Hz Sonde (for tracing plastic pipes) Note: Sonde capable only with the Schonstedt u-Locate+ model.
        • FlexiTrace (a flexible rod used to trace plastic pipes)
        • Locator Backpack (for easy carrying)

        Schonstedt u-LOCATE and u-LOCATE+ Receiver Specifications Comparison Chart

        Schonstedt u-LOCATE Receiver Specifications

        Schonstedt u-LOCATE and u-LOCATE+ Transmitter Specifications Chart

        Schonstedt u-LOCATE Transmitter Specifications


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