JW Fishers Diver Mag 1 Hand Held Magnetometer

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The Diver Mag 1 is a top performing microprocessor driven marine magnetometer detection system with a one gamma sensitivity. This hand held magnetometer. will help you locate iron and steel deep below the ocean.

Locate Deeply Buried Iron and Steel Objects

This hand-held magnetometer is a super sensitive detector of ferrous metal (iron/steel) that works equally well on land and underwater. The magnetometer will locate pipe lines, cables, cannons, dredge parts, and just about any ferrous metal object of any size.

A Versatile Hand Held Magnetometer

Ruggedly constructed for commercial operations, the Diver Mag 1 was designed with user friendly controls for ease of operation. Out of the water, the handle grip and included shoulder strap make the mag easy to carry.

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