Goldak 902 Subscanner Carriage

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Goldak 902 Subscanner Carriage



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This Goldak 902 Subscanner Carriage is used in conjunction with the Model 902 allows the user to locate metallic pipe, cable, and conduit without knowing the utility origin. This unit is excellent for locating unmarked and unknown utility lines which are often damaged during excavation. It may also be used as a metal detector to locate valves, manhole covers, valve caps, and other large masses to extreme depths.

Pipe and Cable Locating with a Push-of-a-Button

The Goldak 902 Subscanner Carriage allows for the automatic location of underground substructures; cables, pipelines, conduits, etc.

  • Locations achieved without inductive or conductive signal coupling
  • Reveals unmarked and unknown utility lines which are often damaged during excavation
  • Available as an accessory (shown here) OR as a complete system that includes the model 902.

Why buy your Goldak 902 Subscanner Carriage from us?

We are a factory authorized Goldak Distributor. We stock a wide range of their products and accessories. Goldak products include industry-leading pipe and cable locators, leak detectors, valve locators, power line locators, EMS marker locators, and more. We have product specialists on staff to support your needs. We work closely with Goldak to stay current with their latest products and technologies. Our product specialists will take the time to help you pick out the right Goldak model for your project needs.

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