Goldak 777-B Leak Detector with M-79 Disc-Shaped Microphone + 12" Microphone Probe + NE-77 Noise Eliminator Microphone + Headphones + Large Hard Case

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Goldak 777-B Leak Detector with M-79 Disc-Shaped Microphone + 12" Microphone Probe + NE-77 Noise Eliminator Microphone + Headphones + Large Hard Case



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Goldak 777-B Leak Detector - Preferred by experienced underground leak locating professionals for decades. The 777-B model is a complete Leak Detection System - all three available microphone probes are included. Be ready to handle all environments you may encounter!

The 777-B Leak Detector is highly sensitive with an advanced low noise circuitry which provides clear and more accurate results. Goldak is proud to say this leak detector is rated #1 for residential and commercial slab leaks. Solid aluminum construction housing and includes Hi-impact foam lined compact carrying case.

Please allow 7-10 days for this order to be built before shipment.

Goldak 777-B Leak Detector - Pin-Point Underground Leaks with Industry’s Most Accurate and Proven Leak Detector.

Plumbers, contractors, water works personnel, and plant maintenance people have continually sought specialized equipment and improved techniques for detecting and pinpointing underground water leaks. The Model 777-B leak detector meets this requirement in a simple and efficient manner, utilizing the proven theory that leaks in water systems under pressure create mechanical vibrations that travel along the pipe and at right angles to the surface.

Liquid Leak Detectior - Simple Operation

All three microphones used for leak location are easy to use as in this example of the probe: The operator simply touches the microphone probe to the pipe being tested and to all exposed fittings, such as hydrants, shut-offs, valve stems, water meters, faucets, etc. The microphone converts these mechanical vibrations to electrical impulses that are then amplified and displayed on the meter as the “sounds” of the leak can be heard in the headphones. The water leak is then localized by comparing readings and sounds from a series of detection points on the water system. Pinpointing is accomplished by reading through the pavement or floor using the ultra sensitive microphone.

Ready for Any Job - The Goldak 777-B model comes complete with all three available microphones:

  1. M-79 Series 2 Microphone for Goldak Model 777 Leak Detectors - Ultra-sensitive disc-shaped microphone is used and included with all Goldak Model 777 leak detectors. Comes standard with microphone cable. Carefully engineered for maximum sensitivity and sound quality. 2 1/4 inch Diameter x 5/8 inch Thickness.
  2. NE-77 "Noise Eliminator" Microphone for Goldak Model 777 Leak Detectors - Easy to use accessory for leak detection in high, outside noise situations. Engineered to improve success during difficult conditions such as: PVC pipe through asphalt or pavement, and water filled cavities. Designed for "stand-up" operation. Will effectively muffle outside encompassing noise, such as wind, construction, and vehicle traffic. Will plug into any Goldak Model 777 Leak Detector.
  3. 71C-007 Microphone Probe for Goldak Model 777 Leak Detectors - The Microphone Probe 71C-007 is 12" long and is the standard probe that is included with the Goldak 777-A model leak detector. The Microphone Probe is used by direct contact with test points such as pipes, angle stops, valves or for direct contact to concrete slab when listening through carpet.

Goldak 777-B Leak Detector Features:

  • Aluminum instrument housing contains circuitry, controls and meter.
  • Ultra sensitive microphones to detect a wide range of water leak sounds and convert them into electrical impulses which are then amplified and displayed.
  • Large sensitive meter to display leak “sounds” and indicate battery condition.
  • Padded stereo headphones to reproduce leak sounds and effectively shut out external noises.
  • Wide-range controls to adjust amplifier gain, meter sensitivity and filter frequency.
  • Perfect for residential and commercial slab leaks
  • Hi-impact foam lined plastic carrying case that resists water & odor. Compact at only 20” x 16” x 8”.

Goldak 777-B Leak Detector Specifications:

  • DIMENSIONS: L 6” x H 10” x W 3”
  • OPERATING WEIGHT: 2.5 lbs.
  • FREQUENCY FILTER RANGE: 20 Hz - 500 Hz on “Lo”, 20 Hz - 3.5 KHz on “Hi”
  • BATTERIES: 6 “AA” Alkaline Batteries
  • STANDARD ACCESSORIES: Stereo Headphones, M-79 Disc-Shaped Microphone, 12" Microphone Probe, NE-77 Noise Eliminator Microphone, Carrying Case, Operating Manual
  • WARRANTY: One year on manufacturing defects and workmanship

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