Goldak 3350 "Bullet" Sonde 116 kHz

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This is a Miniature 116kHz transmitter used for plastic conduit or non-metallic sewer locating. This sonde Locate in Pipe as small as 3/4".

  • Streamline design perfect for small diameter pipe and conduit applications
  • Depth range 12ft-15ft
  • Tape-on to mini-rod or fish tape
  • Designed with convenient eyelets for push or pull application
  • Length 1.9" X Diameter .55"

Why buy your Goldak 3350 "Bullet" Sonde 116 kHz from us?

We are a factory authorized Goldak Distributor. We stock a wide range of their products and accessories. Goldak products include industry-leading pipe and cable locators, leak detectors, valve locators, power line locators, EMS marker locators, and more. We have product specialists on staff to support your needs. We work closely with Goldak to stay current with their latest products and technologies. Our product specialists will take the time to help you pick out the right Goldak model for your project needs.

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