Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with 9.5" Waterproof Imaging Search Coil

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Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with 9.5" Waterproof Imaging Search Coil

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The Garrett GTI 2500 is a versatile metal detector capable of finding coins, jewelry, relics and gold nuggets. This model includes the Pro Package accessories from Garrett worth $398.75. If you are looking for the most advanced metal detector from Garrett, this is what you are searching for.

Discover What Is In the Ground

What you "see" is what you get. While you're treasure hunting it's fun to imagine what you might find: a bag of coins, jewelry, war relics, or even a nugget of gold. Only Garrett's patented Graphic Target Imaging™ (GTI) technology lets you "see" what's really buried below.

Discover the Target Size

Most metal detectors can only determine a target's depth (if it's a coin) and the kind of metal its made of. However, the GTI goes a step further and also reveals the target's true size and true depth (no matter what the target is) via a unique, user-friendly graphic Imaging™ display. Sophisticated information like this is invaluable, especially when a detection signal can be attributed to any one of several similarly conductive but different sized objects. For example, a coin, a screw top and a drink can will all trigger a penny signal. Without size information you have no idea what the target really is until you dig it up. The Garrett GTI 2500's ability to determine a detected target's size takes the guesswork out of the hunt so you don't waste time digging unwanted items like trash.

Advanced Digital Signal Analysis

At the heart this technology is Garrett's exclusive onboard Power Master DSP™ (digital signal processing) chip and superior 9 1/2" super deep Imaging™ searchcoil. Power Master DSP gives the GTI the boost of intelligence it needs to discriminate more accurately and find and identify deeply buried objects. Enlarge the scope of your scanning area with the 91/2" super deep Imaging™ searchcoil and you can find treasure at even greater depths.

A Proven Performer in the Field

You might just be interested in the 2500 metal detector by Garrett metal detectors if you're searching for the most advanced metal detector offered by one of the best manufacturers. This Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector may be exactly what you need. The 2500 metal detector is more than just tones and numbers on a screen; it actually allows you to "see" underneath the surface. The graphic imaging display reveals the target's true depth and actual size instead of just the target depth and type of metal. This technology optimizes treasure signals for larger targets and shows you the true target size. As you are analyzing treasure signals in the field, it is like having your own lost treasure field guide right by your side. You will find the capability ideal when using this for relic hunting, surf hunting and coin hunting. If you are using this as a gold metal detector you will be amazed. It is important to note, that when searching for small gold nuggets, you should be using the smallest search coils. If you are looking for large deep treasures, gold bars, or treasure caches, you will want to opt for the Eagle Eye search coil. Unlike conventional coils, all of the round search coils feature treasure imaging. Each round coil is also a submersible searchcoil.

Advanced Technology

By removing the guesswork before you dig, you will spend more time finding treasure and less time digging for trash while metal detecting. Overall, this model provides unsurpassed depths for all targets. It is the superior depth capability of the GTI 2500 that sets this model apart from the competition. Thanks to advances in discrimination and graphical imaging, identifying junk from treasure has never been easier. With features such as one-touch operation, last target recall, fast track ground balance, and eight detection frequency offsets, this is a powerful device that will elevate your hunting experience. This model features automatic ground tracking for help as a salt elimination aid on wetted salt soils. The ground mineralization capability is one of the useful features of this model. You will find many instructional GTI videos on this page that cover this subject in detail. When you use the Iron Audio feature, you can distinguish iron targets from trash targets and modify your midtone signal range to eliminate them. Different targets that are of similar conductivity will provide comparable responses. The original release of Garrett’s gti detectors included Treasure Talk. The latest version has replaced that feature with a powerful backlight on the display screen. This feature is perfect for hunting at night or in low light situations.

Detailed Features:

  • DSP Microprocessor Controlled Operating System
  • Enhanced PowerMaster Circuitry
  • LCD Graphic Target Imaging/Treasure Vision
  • Size and Depth Matrix
  • LCD Graphic Target Analyzer
  • 24 Notch Discrimination
  • Sharp Audio Target Response
  • Target Size Data
  • Ramrod Stem Design with Armrest
  • Hipmounting of Battery Pack
  • Waterproof Elastomeric Membrane Touchpads
  • 9.5" Imaging Searchcoil
  • Optional Interchangeable Non-Imaging Searchcoils: 4.5" and 5"x10"
  • Optional Pinpointing Depth Multiplier part number 1611800
  • Automatic Pinpointing
  • Non Motion
  • True Coin Depth Reading

Menu Selections:

  • 6 Operating Modes: NonMotion/All Metal, Coin, Jewelry, Relics, Zero, Custom
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Threshold Adjustment
  • Tone Adjustment
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Manual Ground Balance
  • 8 Detection Frequencies
  • Surface Elimination
  • Search Image

Search Aids:

  • One Touch Operation
  • Last Target Recall
  • Fast Track Ground Balance
  • Treasure Track Ground Balance
  • Auto Threshold Retuning
  • Manual Threshold Adjustment
  • Factory Reset
  • Instructional Video
  • Spanish Instructions Available
  • Audio Mode Selection
  • Salt Elimination
  • Fiber Optic Back Light
  • Auto Ground Balance

Standard Factory Items Included

  • 9.5" Imaging Searchcoil
  • 8 AA Batteries
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Comprehensive User's Manual

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