Garrett AT Series and ATX Series Detector Headphone Jack Adapter

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This adapter converts the 2-pin to a standard 1/4" jack.

The Garrett headphone adapter will allow you to use your favorite headphones or any brand of land headphones that have a standard 1/4" jack connector. One end of the adapter connects securely to the 2-pin connector of the Control Housing.

The other end of the adapter secures beneath the arm cuff on the AT PRO using the existing arm cuff screw.

The foam handle grip can be removed by removing the cuff assembly and then carefully sliding the grip off the end of the stem (use a slight amount of moisture if necessary to loosen the grip). Run the adapter through the grip, replace the grip and cuff assembly, and then secure all with the arm cuff screw. (The included Black cable ties can also be used to secure the cable instead of running it through the handle grip.)

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