Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with 9" Waterproof Coil + Bonus Pack

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Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with 9" Waterproof Coil + Bonus Pack

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The Fisher F22 is the second model in the latest F series from Fisher Research Labs. This version features a professional weatherproof design. Perfect for hunting in the toughest conditions. Step up to the F22 and take advantage of the most cost effective weatherproof machine available today. Advanced features and ease of use make the Fisher F22 metal detector a perfect choice. Be sure to read our Guide Comparing the Fisher F11, F22 and F44 metal detectors.

Industry Leading Weatherproof Design

While the Fisher F22 is not designed for underwater use, this model is ideal for use in dry or wet conditions. This model is environmentally sealed for use in the toughest environments. Rain or shine, your Fisher F22 will be by your side.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector - Get Ready. Get Set. Get Wet!

Fisher F22 offers a target ID VDI with extremely accurate target identification numbers. The VDI is truly one of this detector's best features, perfect for all types of metal detecting! Numbers 1-99 tell you whether you have found iron, foil, U.S. nickels, gold, zinc coins, copper, or silver. Fisher's F22 comes with a 9" Concentric coil that is perfect for finding common metal targets. This search coil is very sentitive to small targets and still has good ground coverage.

For an entry-level metal detector, this model is weatherproof, which is a unique feature. This detector can be used in wet or inclement weather. With the Fisher F22, you can choose from four different search modes. You can choose from Jewelry, Coin, Artifact and Custom search modes. With the included custom mode, you can select a tone for your desired category of targets. You can set a unique tone for desirable targets. Fisher's F22 has a notch setting that allows you to accept or reject different types of metal within each target category group.

Top Rated Performance

This Fisher detector model has received many 5-Star reviews. It is a great option for parks and trashy areas. The F22 is a highly durable and easy-to-use metal detector that is fully weatherproof. The retune speed is phenomenal as is the target separation which is excellent. This Fisher metal detector operates at an operating frequency of 7.69 kHz. Perfect for coin shooting, relic hunting, gold prospecting and beach hunting.

Filter Out Junk. Find Treasure.

It has easy to use features like Discrimination, Sensitivity, Notch, and Pinpoint. With Fe-Tone® adjustable iron audio, you can set the volume of ferrous targets lower than the volume of non-ferrous targets to increase clarity on desired targets. While metal detecting, you can set the volume of ferrous targets on the Fisher F22 lower than the volume of non ferrous targets with the Fe-Tone® adjustable iron audio feature for greater clarity. This same feature is included in the upper end model in this series, the Fisher F44. The F22 does not feature ground balancing and is preset for average ground conditions.

DIgital LCD Target ID Display

Features a 9 segment visual target identification display. The LCD shows categories from 0-99 with a numeric visual target id. This along with the 4-tone Audo-ID System make it easy to identify buried targets. This wide range provides excellent target separation. The Fisher F44 audio provides increased clarity for locating gold and other precious metal targets. This model includes advanced metal detecting features like non volatile memory for saving last your most recently used settings. This makes it easy to save your favorite settings for your next use.

Customize to Your Style of Treasure Hunting

They can be customized to suit individual needs. Go ahead, get it wet! The F22 can handle just about any environment! The on screen depth indicator lets you know how deep you will need to dig. Unique to Fisher engineering, this model has a superfast retune speed which allows you to locate a good metal object target near unwanted targets. You can plug in your headphone to the 1/4 inch standard headphone jack supplied with this model that is weatherproof but not waterproof.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector Professional Features

  • Operates on 2 AA Batteries
  • 9-Segment Visual and Numerical Target Identification
  • 4 Modes of Operation: Jewelry, Coin, Artifact and Custom
  • Four Tone Audio Target Identification
  • Large 2-Digit Numeric Target ID
  • Target ID Numbers of 1-99
  • Iron Identifier Icon
  • Pinpoint Mode
  • 10 Levels of Adjustable Sensitivity
  • 20 Levels of Adjustable Volume
  • Non-Volatile Memory Saves Last Used Settings
  • 9-Inch Triangulated Concentric Search Coil
  • Elliptical Waterproof Search Coil
  • Ultra-lightweight at Only 2.3 lbs.

Understanding Weatherproof Versus Waterproof

The Fisher F22 is resistant to weather, rain, storms, hail, snow, sleet, and high wind. These machines are impervious to splashing waves in beach use, or any kind of water. However, weatherproof does not mean that this machine can be submerged.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector Factory Items Included

  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

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