Fisher F11, F22 and F44 Metal Detectors Comparison

The Fisher “F” Series is ideal for beginners—especially those who want a turn-on-and-go detector. A unique weatherproof design on 2 of the models make them usable in wet weather. Fisher “F” Series detectors are very lightweight, with an intuitive and accurate Target ID— which makes them easy to get to know and use.

Fisher F11: Quality-built and easy to operate, the F11 is dependable- yet affordable. The simple interface is perfect for beginners (both young and old). Large, easy-to-read target ID gives the probable identification of the target detected as well as depth.

Fisher F22: The Fisher F22 is weatherproof, which means you can use it in inclement (rainy) weather. It is a step up- in that it features 4 modes of operation and a larger elliptical search coil. The “Custom Mode” features programmable tones.

Fisher F44: Fisher F44 is the top model in the Fisher Series- it includes a back-lit display screen for hunting in low-light conditions. The larger 11” search coil will you help find more targets. F44 is also weatherproof and offers even more advanced features, such as Fe-Tone Adjustable Audio.

What the Fisher F11, F22 and F44 All Have in Common:

  • Turn On and Go! All Fisher “F” Series models are VERY easy for beginners - they are all preset for normal ground conditions
  • 9 Segment Visual Target ID: Visual target ID segments show you every metal from iron, gold, nickel, brass, gold, zinc, copper to silver
  • Ultra Lightweight: At 2.3 lbs., these models are among the most lightweight. Perfect for kids and seniors who don’t want a heavy detector
  • Waterproof Search Coil: This means you can submerse the search coil (only) into water. BUT the unit is NOT waterproof
  • 4-Tone Audio ID Mode: This feature provides 1 of 4 sounds: Iron, Gold, Silver or Nails/Steel (very low tone)
  • Pinpoint Mode: After you have identified a target, press and hold the pinpoint button and re-scan your target
  • Recommended For: Beach, Coins, Jewelry and Relics
  • Bonus Items: 5 Free Bonus Items from Includes Pro Series Trowel, magnifying glass , gloves and more!

What is Unique to the Fisher F11?

  • Price: THIS is among the MOST affordable, yet advanced detector available today! Get advanced features in a long-lasting model. The Fisher F11 is a recently released detector for beginners
  • 5-Star Reviews: Users say you will learn by sounds and the easy-to-read display
  • Search Coil: 8” Concentric Search Coil for coins, jewelry and relics
  • Frequency: 7.69 kHz frequency
  • 3 Search Modes: Three easy to use search modes: Jewelry, Coins and Artifacts
  • 6 Levels of Adjustable Sensitivity and Volume: Not too complicated for beginners

What is Different About the Fisher F22?

  • Target ID VDI: This is among the BEST features of this detector! Numbers are extremely accurate! Numbers 1-99 will tell you if you have located iron, foil, U.S. nickels, gold, zinc coins, copper, and silver
  • Search Coil: 9” Concentric coil for finding all common metal targets
  • Weatherproof: A unique feature for entry-level models, use the F22 in inclement (rainy) weather
  • 4 Search Modes: Includes: Jewelry, Coin, Artifact and Custom. Custom mode allows you to select a tone for your desired category
  • Notch Mode: This allows you to accept or reject different types of metal within each target category group
  • 5-Star Reviews: Great for parks and trashy areas

What Sets the Fisher F44 Apart:

  • Search Coil: 11" Concentric search coil. An upgrade for more and larger targets
  • Target ID VDI: An exceptional feature on this detector! Numbers are extremely accurate! Numbers 1-99 will tell you if you have located iron, foil, U.S. nickels, gold, zinc coins, copper, and silver
  • Fe Tone Adjustable Iron Audio™: Discriminate iron targets and alter your mid-tone signal range to cancel out trash targets
  • Weatherproof: A unique feature for entry-level models, use the F44 in inclement (rainy) weather
  • Manual Ground Balance: Available for more advanced users
  • Ground Grab Computerized Ground Balancing: Advanced auto ground balancing in all ground conditions
  • 5 Search Modes: Five search modes (Jewelry, Coins, Artifacts, Custom, All Metal)
  • 20 Levels of Adjustable Sensitivity and Volume: Users can grow into this detector without upgrading with advanced settings

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