Detech Arrow 18 x 4" Widescan DD Waterproof All Terrain Search Coil for Teknetics T2, T2+ and T2 LTD Metal Detectors

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Detech Arrow 18 x 4" Widescan DD Waterproof All Terrain Search Coil for Teknetics T2, T2+ and T2 LTD Metal Detectors

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Questions Answered

Cover Large Areas 2 to 3 Times Faster with Arrow's Huge 18" Footprint!

This Detech Arrow 18 x 4" Widescan DD Waterproof All Terrain search coil is designed for use with the Teknetics T2, T2+ and T2 LTD metal detectors.

Unlike Any Other Search Coil

The Detech Arrow has an innovative design and foot print that make it unique. This rugged 18 x 4" DD search coil is both waterproof and all-terrain in construction. At just one pound 10 ounces, this coil is light weight and well balanced. Optimized for exceptional performance in extremely trashy environments.

Unlocks Previously Untapped Possibilities

This coil opens up previously unexplored opportunities. The arrow is noted for being exceptionally good for coin hunting, relic hunting, jewelry hunting, beach hunting, gold nugget shooting and meteorite hunting. It offers extreme sensitivity and very stable operation. The size of this coil will help you search large areas 2 to 3 times faster than a standard sized search coil. Overall, the depth range is comparable to a 4 to 8” search coil.

Coin and Relic Hunting

In and around old foundations and abandoned home sites, coin and relic hunters will appreciate the precision and target separation. Each sweep of the coil is designed to cover a maximum area with its unique design and size.

Beach and Jewelry Hunting

It is quickly becoming one of the most popular beach hunting coils as it offers stable operation and exceptional performance. The wide foot print allows you to rapidly cover large areas of beach with minimal time and effort. As a result, it is an excellent coil for finding jewelry and newly buried targets quickly and efficiently.

Gold Nugget Shooting

The precise pinpointing and narrow path of the Arrow is ideal for locating small gold nuggets in difficult terrain. Explore tailing piles and narrow areas that have been previously untouched by other gold prospectors.

Meteorite Hunting

Iron and nickel meteorites are easily located with the Arrow. The coil is ideal for searching large wide open areas with ease. Meteorites and lunar fragments are scattered across large expanses. With the Arrow, it is easy to cover these large areas quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of effort and time. Target Your Treasure with The Arrow!

Target Your Treasure with the Detech Arrow!

You will achieve the best results with this coil in wide open areas. Detech's patented coil technology provides you with greater accuracy, better ground balancing, and more stable operation than traditional DD coils. This search coil is waterproof and UV protected. It comes complete with a coil cover and hardware.

Compared to a standard Double D search coil the Widescan Double D Arrow design has the following advantages:

  • Better ground balance
  • More stable operation
  • Maximize ground coverage
  • Quickly cover large areas
  • Better pinpointing
  • More accurate target identification
Standard DD Versus Detech Arrow WideScan DD Coil Detection Area

Technology and Additional Specifications

  • 18 x 4" Widescan DD Search Coil
  • Widescan DD Gives a Chisel-Shaped Signal
  • Coil Cover Included
  • Nut and Bolt Hardware Included
  • Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Water Proof, UV Protected
  • Weight: Approximately 1 Pound, 10 Ounces

Detech makes search coils for a wide variety of metal detector models from today's top brands. This Detech search coil is compatible with the following models of metal detectors:

Why Buy Your Detech Arrow 18 x 4" Widescan DD Search Coil for Teknetics T2, T2+ and T2 LTD from

Detech has been designing and manufacturing advanced hobby detectors, treasure detectors and deep seeking search coils since 1990. Their patented Ultimate and SEF Butterfly coils enhance all the top models. As the distributor for Detech in the USA and Canada, we stock their full line of deep seeking Detech Metal Detectors and Search Coils. We work closely with Detech to stay current with their latest products and technology. Our factory trained product specialists will take the time to help you pick out the right coil for your needs. Our team is just a phone call away before or after you select your Detech search coil.