Copperhead ViperMag Complete Utility Locating System

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Copperhead ViperMag Complete Utility Locating System



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The Copperhead ViperMag™ Complete Utility Locating System General purpose locator used to detect buried pipe and cable services. ViperMag™ combines active locate frequencies, ferrous metal detection, passive power, and push-button depth — all in one device. The recommended ViperMag Hard Case is sold separately. Be sure to read our industrial metal detector buying guide article on the Copperhead Vipermag Complete Utility Locating System.

Copperhead ViperMag™ Complete Utility Locating System Application:

Pipe and Cable Locator for Protecting Underground Utility Assets Used in these Markets:

  • Natural Gas (Not for gas leak detection. Does not locate gas.)
  • Water and Sewer
  • Telecom

This combination utility locator and ferrous metal detector is designed to locate buried pipes and cables and to detect buried ferrous metal objects such as valve box covers and buried tanks. The one-watt transmitter applies a locate frequency by direct connection or induction.

Optional induction clamps can be used to clamp around a line and induce the locate signal onto it. Metal Detector – Advanced filtering rejects materials such as bottle caps and aluminum cans and zeros in on only ferrous materials. Manual gain control allows it to be controlled and work closely to large metal objects such as automobiles and chain link fences while still detecting targets underground. Will locate through asphalt, concrete, and in temporary conditions such as snow.

Copperhead ViperMag™ Complete Utility Locating System Features and Benefits:

  • Active locating frequencies (512 Hz, 8.19 kHz, 83 kHz)
  • Passive power locating (60 Hz)
  • Conductive or inductive locating
  • Ferrous metal detection with advanced filtering and magnetic north/south indicator
  • Simple four-button control keypad
  • Push-button depth estimation
  • High contrast quick responsive display
  • Rugged and lightweight ABS plastic and carbon fiber construction
  • Optional fault find mode (8 kHz)

Copperhead ViperMag Complete Utility Locating System Standard Equipment:

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Direct connection cables
  • Ground stake
  • Soft-sided case
  • Alkaline batteries
  • User guide

From the Manufacturer about Copperhead ViperMag™ Complete Utility Locating System

Copperhead Industries believes that utilities and contractors should have complete confidence in the products they use to protect underground infrastructures.

We understand underground utility construction and the concerns around accurate utility detection long after pipes and cables are buried. We also understand accurate, efficient locating and the importance of establishing strong grounds in order to complete the electrical circuit required for detection. We know that without a reliable tracer wire system, underground utility assets are jeopardized.


Combines 100+ years of cladding experience, American innovation and ingenuity, knowledge of underground utility construction, and in-depth utility locating expertise to provide the strongest, most reliable tracer wire system on the market. The system includes copper-clad steel tracer wire designed specifically for open cut, directional drilling, and pipe bursting applications, corrosion-proof locking connectors, drive-in magnesium ground rods, access points, and locating equipment to provide the most reliable end-to-end signal for utility locating.


To safeguard what matters most. Protect your investment. Protect your infrastructure. Specify Copperhead’s Complete Utility Locating System for your next underground utility construction project.


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