Schonstedt Magnetic Locator Comparison: GA-92XTd and Maggie

Schonstedt’s founder, Erick O. Schonstedt, actually began his career in the aerospace industry, designing magnetometers for satellites. Eventually, his work turned to more ground-based products when the GA-52 Magnetic Locator, became one of the most popular instruments for surveyors during the 1970s. For six decades, Schonstedt has continued to be a leader in underground locating.

What’s the Difference between the Schonstedt GA-92XTd and the Maggie Magnetic Locators?

Magnetic Locators are specifically designed to locate metals such as iron and steel while ignoring other metals. Whether you need the ultra-portability of the Schonstedt GA-92XTd or the extra sensitivity and precision of the Schonstedt Maggie, you will get the same HeliFlux® sensors, modular construction, and high-performance components professionals have come to expect from Schonstedt.

Schonstedt GA-92XTd Metered Magnetic Locator
When portability and ease of use is a priority, the GA-92XTd is the right tool for the job. The unit extends for accuracy, detecting ferrous objects up to 16 feet underground. It then retracts for easy carrying and storage. Fingertip control of volume and sensitivity allow for true one-handed operation.

Schonstedt Maggie Magnetic Locator
The Schondstedt Maggie combines the best of the flagship GA-52Cx and the ultra-portable GA-92XTd. This provides sensitivity and precision along with simple and effortless one-handed operation.

What the Schonstedt GA-92XTd and Maggie Magnetic Locators Have in Common

  • HeliFlux® sensors
  • No response to aluminum, brass, or copper
  • Rugged Construction
  • Dust & Water Resistant (Rated IP54)
  • 3 Volume Levels: Muted, Medium, and High
  • Gain 4-Level LCD - Low (L), Medium (M), High (H), Extra High (X)
  • Modular Construction
  • High-Performance Components
  • Visual Output
  • Audio Output
  • Battery and Sensitivity Indicators
  • High Sensitivity
  • 7-year Warranty

What is Unique to the Schonstedt GA-92XTd Metered Magnetic Locator?

  • Battery Replacement in Grip (does not expose electronics)
  • Approximately 2.4 lb
  • Membrane Switch for Single-Handed Operation

What is Unique to the Maggie Metered Magnetic Locator?

  • Approximately 2.6 lbs
  • Easy Access to Battery
  • Gain Memory - Gain defaults to Medium when powering off/on

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