Schonstedt GA-92XTd Metered Magnetic Locator

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Schonstedt GA-92XTd Metered Magnetic Locator

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Schonstedt GA-92XTd Metered Magnetic Locator - Portable Design. One-hand operation makes finding faster, providing both audio and visual indication of ferrous objects up to 16 feet underground. So go ahead, make your move to the Schonstedt GA-92XTd. Be sure to read our article entitled Schonstedt GA-92XTd Metered Magnetic Locator versus Schonstedt Maggie Magnetic Locator Comparison.and the article Schonstedt XT-512 Camera and Sonde Locator + Padded Carrying Case versus Schonstedt XT-512 Camera and Sonde Locator + GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator + Padded Carrying Case.

GA-92XTd Key Features:

  • Portable and Easy-to-Use
  • Extends for great accuracy; retracts for easy carrying and storage
  • Fingertip control of volume and sensitivity
  • Quick-change battery compartment

The Schonstedt GA-92XTd magnetic locator is a metered locator. For those who prioritize portability and ease of use, the GA-92XTd is the right tool. The device is designed for reliability and is able to detect ferrous objects up to 16 feet underground with great accuracy. Retractable for convenient handling and safe keeping. True one-handed is enabled by fingertip control of volume and controls. Both visual feedback and audio target responses are available on this device with single handed control. The audio response of the GA 92XTd model is designed so that the frequency of the tone increases as the signal strength increases. Therefore, the audio output frequency is higher than the idling frequency (~ 30 Hz) that exists when the signal strength is approximately zero. Also, the larger signal strength causes the bar graph display to peak either positively or negatively. It is possible to use the GA-92XTd in either open or closed position, as well as any position in between.

Schonstedt GA-92XTd Metered Magnetic Locator - Portable Design

You’re a highly trained, experienced professional but carrying heavy tools is still part of the job. When you have your hands full on the job site, carry the GA-92XTd on your hip. With one hand, you can detect the magnetic fields of all ferromagnetic objects property markers, manholes, septic tanks, well casings, valve boxes, cast iron pipes, steel drums up to sixteen feet below the surface. This GA-92XTd is used across a wide variety of industrial magnetic locating applications from road construction and maintenance to land survey. As a piece of land surveying equipment, Schonstedt Instrument Company has designed the device for easy location of a wide variety of ferromagnetic objects including survey pins. This model is also used by professionals in the following industries: Surveying and Mapping, Construction and Excavation, Contract Locating, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Roads and Transportation, Facilities Management and Power and Electric. This Schonstedt magnetic locator provides no response to aluminum, brass, or copper since it is a magnetic finder and responsive ferrous metals only. This model is made of high performance components and comprises incredibly tough production techniques which enable it to hold up to a lot of wear and tear. There is also an IP54 rating on this device which offers dust resistance and water resistance. The Schonstedt ga 92xtd will locate buried objects and was designed for locating use in challenging field conditions. If you would like to select a volume level, you can choose between the following three options: muted, medium and high volume. This unit can be considered a high performance component of your field tool box. 

GA-92XTd Standard Features:

  • Most portable
  • Smallest for easy storage
  • Membrane Switch for Single-Handed Operation
  • Battery Replacement in grip (does not expose electronics)
  • Audio and Visual Output
  • Battery and Sensitivity Indicators
  • Signal Strength and Polarity Indications
  • No response to aluminum, brass, or copper
  • HeliFlux® sensors
  • Modular construction; high-performance components
  • 7-year warranty

This Schonstedt locator includes an extended mode for great accuracy and retracts for easy carrying of the device. With this, you will be able to enjoy both precision and performance, as well as an effortless and simple single handed control. Gradient field intensity (signal strength) determines the frequency of the Audio output signal from pipe and other iron objects. The Audio frequency range is 30 to 4000 Hz. An expanding bar-graph indicates the output signal polarity (positive or negative) and strength. The digital readout shows gradient field intensity in milligauss (mG). The range is 0 to 500 mG.

This model contains the patented HeliFlux® sensors for optimal performance. It will provide a response to iron and steel objects only as it is a magnetic locator. You can easily locate pipe joints, iron pipes, manhole covers and other ferrous metal objects with pinpoint accuracy. The device is powered by 9v alkaline battery. The design provides easy access battery removal and replacement if you find that you only have intermittent usage needs. You can use alkaline or lithium batteries in this GA 92xtd magnetic locator. This device is designed with ruggedness first of mind and contains the latest in product innovation that users have come to expect from Schonstedt.  

GA-92XTd Specifications:

  • GAIN 4-Level LCD - Low (L), Medium (M), High (H), Extra High (XH)
  • VOLUME 3 Levels: Muted, Medium and Maximum
  • INPUT POWER One 9V Battery
  • BATTERY LIFE 24 Hours (intermittent use)
  • OPERATING TEMP -13° F to 140° F (-25° C to 60° C)
  • OVERALL LENGTH Open – 26” (66 cm)
  • Closed – 15.5” (39 cm)
  • WEIGHT Approximately 2.4 lb (1.1 kg)

GA-92XTd Standard Equipment:

Soft Carrying Case
Holster (p/n: PC10012)
One 9V Battery (in unit)

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