Metal detector are coming in on the top models. Read about them all in this one concise guide.

A metal detector is an investment for the future. You may not get rich beyond your wildest dreams as a detectorist but you may very well find some exciting treasures worth financial reward. No matter your level of metal detecting, you always want the best piece of kit that will fit into your budget. A detectorist is only as good as his or her equipment and that is why you need a quality metal detector worth its weight. Our metal detector detail the top 12 devices on the market. Each is perfect for a detectorist from beginner to advanced users.

There is a lot to know about metal detecting and if you are new to the activity, then you may have plenty of questions. You also may not have anyone available to answer your metal detecting questions. There is plenty to know before you buy. While these 12 metal detectors are top of the line devices, you should understand a few details about devices before purchasing.

12. Whites Treasure Pro

The Whites Treasure Pro comes with Automatic Ground Balance allowing the device to adapt to your searches and landscapes. The feature makes the hunt even more enjoyable as it locates even the smallest of targets in the ground. The Waterproof device comes with five search modes to take your relic hunting to a pro level.

11. Bounty Hunter Titanium Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter is a name that is synonymous with high-quality metal detectors and the Titanium model is a great introductory piece of kit that is advanced enough for detectorists with years of experience. You won’t struggle to learn or understand the easy to use Titanium metal detector. The device comes with two preset modes allowing you to pick up the device and go. You will find a large LCD display screen that gives you in-depth readings of items under the earth’s surface. Whether you are searching for coins, rings, jewelry, or artifacts, the Bounty Hunter Titanium is top-rated courtesy of 2019 metal detector by a variety of detectorists.

10. Fisher F44 Waterproof

The Fisher F44 Waterproof metal detector delivers bang for your buck. The device is ideal for low-light searches when you just can’t give up the hunt. The back-lit display screen makes using the F44 in the dark possible. Making the F44 even more exciting is its waterproof feature. You can use the F44 in wet conditions to hunt for coins and relics at the beach. If there is one downfall to the waterproof device, it is that you cannot use it submerged in water.

9. Fisher F22 Waterproof

Many of the companies that appear on the best of 2019 metal detector show up more than once, thanks to the excellent pieces of tech they develop. Fisher is one of those companies as its F22 Waterproof is one of the best-selling devices this year. Whether you are searching on wet or dry conditions, the F22 is ideal for the search. One of the reasons the F22 is so popular is it comes with many of the same qualities that the F44 possess. However, the F22 is cheaper than the F44 and still provides high-quality searches for detectorists.

8. Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500

The Legacy 3500 replaced the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 and takes the previous device to the next level. If you loved the features and precision of the Discovery 3300, you will fall in love all over again with the Legacy 3500. While the Legacy 3500 is packed with features and tech, Bounty Hunter has made it simple to use. You can simply turn it on and begin searching without fiddling with the various controls. You can search a variety of landscapes for coins, jewelry and more with the Legacy 3500.

7. Bounty Hunter Gold

Fire up the Bounty Hunter Gold and go. That is how easy it is to use the device and you will be locating buried coins, jewelry and artifacts in no time. The device comes with an extra-large LCD screen and provides depth readings, so you know just how deep those sought-after items are.

6. Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro metal detector is a professional model at a mid-level price. The device comes with easy to use customized programs making searches simple. How easy is the Platinum Pro to use? Turn it on and start searching for coins, rings, artifacts, jewelry and other hidden treasures. The lightweight design of the Platinum Pro means you can keep searching and never get tired.

5. Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500

Whether you are searching parks, fields, or beaches, the Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is an ideal device to have in your kit bag. The device’s extra-large LCD screen makes it easy to read after a long day of searching. The lightweight device has received rave reviews from 2019 metal detector for its simplicity and value for money.

4. Garrett AT Max Waterproof

The Garrett AT Max Waterproof was built for the professional metal detectorists in mind. It is capable of finding coins, jewelry, relics, and more over a variety of landscapes. The waterproof feature means you can use it in wet conditions to find items unseen by the naked eye. You can match a pair of Z-Lynk wireless headphones with the AT Max for completely unharnessed searches.

3. Garrett Ace 400

Garrett’s metal detectors are trusted within the industry and there is no better device designed by the company than the Ace 400. You will find a number of advanced tech features in the Ace 400 such as Digital Target ID, Iron Audio, and Frequency Adjust, which discriminates between trash and treasure on searches.

2. Fisher F5 Metal Detector with Waterproof 10" + 4" Concentric Coils

A mid-priced full featured metal detector is at your fingertips with the Fisher F5 Metal Detector. The Fisher F5 Metal Detector includes two powerful search coils. It ships complete with both a Waterproof 10" + 4" Concentric Coils and a bonus pack of accessories. This model is light weight and easy to use. It comes packed with everything you will need to get started including headphones and digger and carry bag! The F5 is a top seller because it easily finds coins, jewelry and relics that other detectors miss. The F5 is backed with a 5 year warranty and is made in the USA by FIsher, the oldest name in metal detectors. It includes a jumbo simple to read target identifaction and depth display. This model is easy enough for beginners yet contains advanced features that will make this a favorite model for years to come.

1. Garrett AT Pro Waterproof

Looking for a professional metal detector for both land and water? It can be a hassle switching between metal detectors but Garrett has answered the call for a device that combines the best of both worlds. The Garrett AT Pro Waterproof prevents you from shifting between metal detectors. Your searches have just become much easier thanks to the advanced features the AT Pro delivers.