XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with WSAudio Wireless Headphones Comparison: Elliptical and Round Search Coils

XP fans REJOICE—the new AFFORDABLE XP ORX completely Wireless Metal Detector has arrived! To answer popular demand, XP has designed a totally wireless detector with advanced features at an affordable price point with all of the beloved features of the XP DEUS.

This development is beneficial to MANY detectorists who need a mid-range detector they can afford. The world’s first completely wireless detector (connected LCD remote, headphones, coil and available pinpointer system) is now within reach! The ORX models are very similar; however, you can choose an elliptical or round search coil for either gold prospecting or coins, relics and jewelry.

Both of the XP ORX All-Wireless Metal Detectors Feature:

  • The title of: “World’s ONLY Completely Wireless Metal Detectors!” These two detectors are virtually the same— except for the added frequency on the Elliptical Coil for gold prospecting. The XP ORX Round Coil is an versatile unit that’s perfect for all metal targets.
  • World’s Only Completely Wireless Metal Detector (Patented Design): No cable connection to coil, headphones or remote. Coil transmits via wireless radio link to all components. Radio frequency is crystal clear
  • XP Fast Wireless Technology seamlessly communicates between: Coil, Remote, Headphones and (optional) MI-6 Pinpointer
  • XP MI-6 Waterproof Wireless Pinpointer Compatible: the MI-6 is the World’s First Connected Pinpointer. For only $159.99, wirelessly connect this pinpointer to your ORX! The MI-6 is waterproof to 6 meters, provides audio output to the ORX headset, and has dozens of advanced settings!
  • Lightest Weight: At only 1 lb., 14 oz., this is currently the world’s lightest metal detector! Perfect for long hours of treasure hunting
  • Most Popular XP DEUS Factory Programs: 2 Gold, 2 Coin (Coin Fast & Coin Deep) and 2 Custom Programmable Modes
  • WS Audio Wireless Headphones: Patented Radio Frequency provides instant crystal clear audio response—just like your TV
  • Ultra-light Telescopic “S” Stem: Patented XP LITE stem has advantages of both an “S” shaped stem and straight telescopic stem. Easily fold away the ORX for transport in mere seconds and change search coil instantly
  • Salt Mode: Changes ground balance to accommodate salt mineralization. Important on saltwater beaches and for gold prospecting
  • Easy to Use: Pre-configured programs allow all users to get started immediately. Very user-friendly ORX Wireless Remote
  • X35 DoubleD Search Coil Compatible: Coil options Range 9" Round, 11" Round and 13" x 11"

XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with 9.5" Elliptical DD High-Frequency Search Coil. This model was Designed to Find More Gold Nuggets in the Toughest Conditions.

Features include:

  • 9.5" Elliptical DD Waterproof Search Coil: Extremely Sensitive to Smaller Targets
  • Higher Frequency Detector: 21 Frequencies from: 13 kHz – 81 kHz for finding GOLD and small targets
  • Find small nuggets and flakes of gold
  • Designed around 3 Frequencies: 13-15.7 kHz, 26-31 kHz and 68-81kHz. Perfect for trashy and mineralized areas

XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with 9" Round DD High-Frequency Search Coil. This model was Designed to Discover More Coins, Jewelry & Relics in All Terrains.

Features include:

  • 9" Round DD Waterproof Search Coil
  • 21 Frequencies from: 13 kHz – 59 kHz for finding ALL metal targets: coins, relics, jewelry and gold
  • Most popular high-frequency coil. Detects deeper than the 9.5" Elliptical in mildly mineralized soil

XP ORX was Modeled After the World-Renowned XP DEUS:

Similar Features include:

  • Pre-set Programs: 2 Gold Programs, 2 Coin Programs, 2 User Customizable Programs
  • Wireless technology
  • Lightweight, Ease of Use

See pricing, specifications, bonus items, compatible accessories, product reviews and videos for each of the XP ORX models on the pages below!