Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator Overview Chart

This comparison chart provides a visual overview of our article which provides an overview of the Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator.


What is the Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator?

Designed to be used in conjunction with a 512-Hz transmitting device, or sonde, the Goldak C1-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator is equipped for all sewer line locating for both cast-iron and non-metallic. The Goldak C1-5120 is an easy to use sewer and camera locating receiver. The C1-5120 is a highly portable device that allows the operator to determine the underground location and depth of a transmitting device such as the Goldak SR-512 Small Entry Sonde Transmitter or the Goldak SR-2 512 Cast Iron Main Line Sonde Transmitter. With the sonde inside the pipe sending a 512-Hz signal, the CI-5120 can quickly locate the sonde and determine its depth and orientation. The design of the CI-5120 is focused on simplicity and relies on tried and true locating principles.

Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator Features

Depth is accurate to within one inch
Locates any 512Hz transmitter or Goldak's SR-512 or SR-2 512
Three-position swivel antenna and lighted tracking display
Signal adjust control and advanced filter dial
High impact plastic housing
1/4" Headphone jack
Battery Indicator
Batteries: 8 AA
Weight: 3.5 Lbs
1 year warranty on manufacturing defects & workmanship

Goldak C1-5120 Optional Compatible Sondes