Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator

Goldak develops and manufactures industry-leading tools for professionals. These include high-quality devices for detecting pipes, cables, leaks, valves, power lines, EMS marker locators, and more. They have been known for quality and customer service since the 1930s. Goldak’s commitment to research and innovation combines extensive experience with cutting-edge products professionals trust.

What is the Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator?

Designed to be used in conjunction with a 512-Hz transmitting device, or sonde, the Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator is equipped for all sewer line locating for both cast-iron and non-metallic. The Goldak CI-5120 is an easy to use sewer and camera locating receiver. The CI-5120 is a highly portable device that allows the operator to determine the underground location and depth of a transmitting device such as the Goldak Goldak SR-512 Small Entry Sonde Transmitter or the Goldak SR-2 512 Cast Iron Main Line Sonde Transmitter. With the sonde inside the pipe sending a 512-Hz signal, the CI-5120 can quickly locate the sonde and determine its depth and orientation.

The design of the CI-5120 is focused on simplicity and relies on tried and true locating principles. With basic and essential controls, professionals will appreciate the intuitive operation, and new users will rapidly learn the simple operation. The CI-5120 offers even more power when used with the Goldak SR-512 transmitter. The combination provides an advanced filter for crisp, distinguishable signals, eliminating much of the interference associated with 512Hz locating. The CI-5120 is designed to locate Sonde transmitters. The operator of the CI-5120 may pinpoint its location by one of two methods: by “nulls” or by “peaks”.

Goldak CI-5120 Camera and Sonde Locator Features

  • Locates and depth to accurate to within one inch
  • Can be used to locate any 512Hz transmitter (sonde or camera head) or Goldak's SR- 512
  • Three-position swivel antenna and lighted tracking display
  • Signal adjust control and advanced filter dial
  • High impact plastic housing
  • ¼” Headphone jack
  • Battery Indicator
  • Batteries: 8 AA
  • Weight: 3.5 Lbs.
  • Warranty: One year on manufacturing defects and workmanship

Goldak CI-5120 Optional Compatible Sondes:

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