Preventing Employee Theft in the Workplace

By Michael Bernzweig

No business or manufacturing company can risk losses of raw materials or finished goods. Large companies and warehouses across the United States have seen an increase in workplace loss due to employee theft. Statistics show that employee theft is on the rise as our economy falters. Common installations for metal detectors for security stop loss include facilities involved with chip and high tech manufacturing, cell phone and high value consumer electronics distribution and high value product fulfillment.

Here are just a few of the astonishing facts:

  • According to the American Society of Employers 20% of every dollar earned by a U.S. Company is lost to employee theft.
  • The Department of Commerce reports 60% of all inventory losses are attributed to employees stealing.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported 1/3 of bankruptcies in business in the US are directly caused by employee theft.

Although this may be alarming news to business owners it is the reality of our times. Rest assured, there are ways in warehouses and manufacturing facilities can prevent the loss of raw materials and finished goods. We will discuss how implementing security metal detectors can begin the “Stop Loss” process. By implementing these devices, as part of a comprehensive security plan, both large and small businesses can begin the process of reducing losses from employee theft.

Metal detectors now come in a variety of styles and designs that are adaptable to every business size and need. For facilities with a large number of employees or high value goods there are several options available. The first is the Garrett PD6500i Walk Through Security Metal Detector. This model uses the latest DSP technology to provide superior target detection from all angles and from head to toe. The Garrett PD6500i Walk Through Security Metal Detector offers extreme ease of use. Be sure to read our related article on Understanding and Selecting Walk Through Security Metal Detectors.

For warehouses and businesses that require a portable security metal detector, there is the Fisher M-Scope Walk Through Security Metal Detector. This metal detector allows the security staff to be able to easily quickly and easily relocate the security checkpoint as the layout or flow of a facility changes. This is very helpful if production workers and raw materials often transition through multiple areas of a facility in a flexible manufacturing environment. The Fisher M-Scope Walk Through Security Metal Detector has also become very popular for events. This security metal detector can be set up in minutes, has a battery life of 40 hours and weighs just 87 pounds.

Once the walk-thru security detector has located a target, a hand held security wands is used to pinpoint the item. The Garrett Superscanner V is one of the most popular hand held security wands. Take a moment to read our related article entitled What are the Best Security Wand Metal Detectors?

Security metal detectors have become common place in airports, courthouses and other public facilities around the world. With a changing economy, metal detectors are now becoming much more common in the workplace than in the past. Stopping Employee theft can be implemented quickly with the installation of security metal detectors. For a modest investment both large and small business will see an immediate ROI and effectively put an end to the loss of raw materials and finished goods inventory. For a complete overview, view our complete selection of security metal detectors. Contact one of our security product specialists to discuss your specific needs today.

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