What are the Best Digging Trowels and Shovels for Metal Detecting?

By Daniel Bernzweig

So you have agonized over all of the choices and finally picked out the best metal detector. Now you are ready to get in to the field and start finding some real treasures. Unfortunately, the garden store trowel that your wife uses for planting bulbs, bent in half your first time out. The reality is that most trowels are made of light weight aluminum. Fortunately, there are better solutions that we will cover in this article. You can get started with a professional metal detecting tool for less than you might expect. My Dad always said, invest in a quality tool once and you will have it for a lifetime.

When it comes to target recovery, you will need to begin by picking out the right tool for the type of location or environment that you will be in. In general, you can break recovery tools in to three broad categories. The first category would be treasure hunting knives. A knife is a great way to cut plugs of dirt quickly and speed your target recovery. The next category of recovery tools would be metal detecting trowels. Unlike conventional garden trowels or spades, the metal detecting trowel is made of hardened stainless steel. Trowels come in a variety of widths and lengths to adapt to your needs. The final category of metal detector digging tools are shovels. You will need to be careful where you use this type of recovery tool. Shovels are used best in the woods and in areas that have been previously disturbed. You will find many relic hunters and prospectors using shovels in their target recovery.

Top-Selling Pinpointers:

One of the most popular knives that you will find is the Lesche Digging Tool. The Lesche Tool is particularly clever in design in that it has a serrated blade. The Lesche Digging Tool can come with either a right or left serrated blade. Like all metal detecting digging tools that you will find at MetalDetector.com, this one is made specifically with treasure recovery in mind. There are a wide variety of tools in the trowel category. Two of the most popular trowels are the Saw Tooth Pro Digging Trowel and the Pro Digging Trowel. This second trowel measures 1.5" Wide x 11" Long and is the perfect tool for most applications. The most popular digging tools in the shovel category would be the Lesche GS Ground Shark and the Lesche All Purpose Shovel. These two shovels are popular for unearthing deeply buried coins and relics.

Two final recovery accessories that you will want to consider are an electronic pinpointer and a coin probe. The Pro Coin probe is a must have for any experienced treasure hunter. With a bit of experience, you will find that a coin probe will let you "feel” the location of a target in the ground before you begin to dig. This will allow you to carefully remove the earth from around the target to avoid damaging your find. I can tell you from personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than finding a valuable old coin and placing a big scratch across it during recovery. The second accessory that is a must have for target recovery is an electronic pinpointer. The most popular model on the market today is the Garrett Pro-pointer. A pinpointer will speed your recovery and accuracy. You will also want to be sure to select a good pouch to carry all of your digging tools and accessories in.

When selecting digging tools for metal detecting you can chose from a wide variety of trowels, knives and shovels. Pick the tool that will be the most appropriate for your application. Once you have picked out the best digging tool, you will be ready to head out in to the field. In summary, you will find that a quality digging tool will speed your recoveries and make your time in the field more productive. You will be amazed at how quickly you can pinpoint and retrieve your targets with the right equipment.

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