What are the Best Beach Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting?

By Daniel Bernzweig

Picking out the best sand scoop will help you recover your targets quickly and easily while metal detecting. In this article we will discuss the points that you need to know to select the best sand scoop for metal detecting at the beach. We will also cover the best areas to use your metal detector when hunting in the sand and surf. Finally we will discuss the types of items that you might turn up while hunting near the water. Treasure hunting on the beach or in the water with a metal detector can be fun and rewarding. Armed with a bit of knowledge, I hope to make your selection process quick and easy.

To begin with, let’s consider the area where you will be using your new sand scoop. If you are inland, chances are you will not be dealing with the effects of the ocean and salt water. If you are hunting along the coast, you will need to be sure that your equipment is made out of a material that will hold up to the elements. The best material for hunting at a salt water beach is stainless steel. With that said, there are many newer plating methods that are being used on modern sand scoops to help combat corrosion. When in doubt, you can not beat a stainless steel scoop.

Metal detector sand scoops come in all sizes and shapes. You can choose from short handle scoops, medium handle scoops and long handle scoops. If you are hunting along the sandy parts of the beach, a short or medium handle scoop is light and easy to manipulate. A short handle scoop is also perfect for hunting in sand boxes while at a playground. Keep in mind; you will get more exercise using a short handle scoop as you will be bending down quite often. All of the scoops that you will find at the MetalDetector.com website have special screens or filters specifically designed for treasure hunting. These screens are set to allow sand and small pebbles to flow through, while keeping rings and coins from slipping out. At the end of the day, you want to let the scoop do the work for you.

If you expect to be in the shallow water or as deep as your waist, you will want to pick out a long handle scoop. The majority of the rings and jewelry recovered while metal detecting are found in ankle to chest deep water. With the price of gold constantly on the rise, it does not take too many finds to pay off your metal detecting equipment quickly. Treasure hunting in the water is my favorite way to use a metal detector. Slip on your headphones, a comfortable bathing suit and head in to the water. You will find this type of treasure hunting is both relaxing and exciting all at the same time. You never know what the next signal will be. Keep your discrimination low and let the scoop function as your discriminator! While you will dig more trash by keeping your discrimination low, your chances of finding gold are greatly improved. Enjoy your time in the water and don’t let a few pull tabs ruin your adventure. Once you scoop up your first shiny gold ring, I am sure you will agree with me!

When picking out your sand scoop, realize that while one scoop might be perfect for one area of the beach, it may not be the best for another. A wire mesh scoop is perfect for quickly sifting through lots of dry sand for example. If you take this same scoop in to the wet sand or in the water, you will find that it will be easily crushed by the rocks and hard packed sand. A long handle or stainless scoop might be just the thing for in the water, but you will probably find that it is too heavy for use on the beach. Keep in mind, weight is not really a factor when it comes to hunting with a long handle scoop in the water. The buoyancy of the water will carry the weight for you. In general the larger sifting bucket is an advantage as it will require fewer scoops of sand to reach your treasure.

The following short handle scoops are perfect for use along the beach for use in the dry sand.

Short Handle Sand Scoops:

If you do not want to do as much bending, you will want to consider a medium handle scoop.

Medium Handle Sand Scoops:

If you expect to be in the water, you will want a long handle beach scoop. Consider one of the following four sand scoops for metal detecting up to your chest.

Long Handle Sand Scoops:

In summary, consider where you will be using your beach sand scoop. Be sure to pick the right scoop for use on the land versus in the water. If you are hunting in the salt water, you should consider a stainless steel sand scoop. Treasure hunting in the water can be the most lucrative type of metal detecting. Remember, the best time to treasure hunt on the beach is before and after the crowds. Now you are ready to grab the right treasure scoop. So go put on your bathing suit, suntan lotion and head to the beach with your favorite metal detector!

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