Pro Series Aluminum Travel Water Scoop with 5" x 9" Bucket and 47" Handle

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Pro Series Aluminum Travel Water Scoop with 5" x 9" Bucket and 47" Handle

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Questions Answered

Are you on the go with your metal detector? This travel sand scoop is a great choice for a light weight scoop for use in the water. This long handle scoop breaks down into two pieces to easily fit in your suitcase. Made in USA.

Introducing our New Pro Series Aluminum Travel Water Scoop

Do you often travel in your pursuit of your treasure? Looking for a full sized, light weight scoop that you can pack in your suit case? Your search has ended! The Pro Series Aluminum Travel water scoop is designed with you in mind. We have taken all of the most important features of a long handled water scoop and condensed them down to a travel size. The scoop breaks down in to just two pieces. The lower shaft that is just 23" in length and the upper shaft that is 24" in length. At just 3 pounds, 8 ounces you will speed through the airport and arrive at your destination ready to hunt for hours without fatigue!

A Long Handle Water Scoop On The Go!

There is nothing more fun than metal detecting for treasure in the water. Now with the advent of the this travel scoop, you can take a long handle water scoop with you no matter where your travels take you. This light weight scoop is an excellent choice for hunting on the wet sand and in the water.

See the other two versions of this Pro Travel Long Handle Sand Scoop:

The Pro Series Aluminum travel water scoop is hand crafted in the United States. Each sand scoop is machined using the finest materials and techniques. With proper care, this scoop will provide you with many years of service.

Advanced Design, Superior Performance

With years of customer feed back in hand, this sand scoop was designed to provide all the features that our beach hunting customers have been asking for. At just 3 pounds, 8 ounces, we are sure that you will enjoy the rugged design, quality components and overall comfortable weight of this long handled travel scoop. The pole is rugged and is produced from 1 and 1/4" aluminum. The pole is reinforced and welded to the bucket at a 20 degree angle. This 20 degree angle allows you to easily apply pressure with your foot to push the scoop into the sand. For added strength, there is an extra aluminum bar at the base of the bucket which gives the sand scoop extra durability. The handle alone is 40" long and with the bucket measures an overall length of 47". The handle has a reinforced rubber hand grip for durability and comfort.

Aluminum Sifting Basket

The quick drain design of the aluminum sifting basket is perfect for use in the water. The bucket has a 5" overall diameter and measures a full 9 inches in length at the longest edge. The bucket is produced of thick cut, machine welded aluminum. The bucket has the popular 5/8" diameter holes throughout the sides and the back of the scoop. The holes are large enough to sift sand and gravel quickly, yet small enough to keep coins, rings and other precious objects from slipping through.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Upper Pole: 24" long aluminum pole, 1.25" diameter
  • Sifting Bucket & Lower Pole: 23" long, aluminum, 5/8" holes, 5" diameter, 9" length
  • Overall weight: 3 Pounds, 8 ounces
  • Made In USA