Goldak 600 Power Cable Locator with Headphone


Goldak 600 Power Cable Locator with Headphone


Built for professionals, Goldak’s industry-leading tools are known for their accuracy and durability, qualities needed for everyday use. Since 1933, Goldak has combined high-level research and development with in-the-field experience to develop the best products. They have then relied on superior quality control and industry-leading customer service, which has led to some of the most loyal customers in the business.

What's the Goldak 600 Power Cable Locator with Headphone?

The Goldak 600 is an underground power line locator built for professionals in electrical utilities or in any profession where locating underground power is critical. It is designed for locating, tracing, and measuring the depth of energized power cables.

The locator is sensitive to the 60 Hz current flowing through electrical lines. This means no transmitting unit is required to locate live electric lines. The more current flowing through the cables, the higher the magnetic field and the deeper cables can be located.

With simple operation and no delicate adjustments necessary, the locator can be put into operation nearly instantly with accurate results. The Goldak 600 can be used in either peak or null mode. Readings can be viewed on the built-in meter or via monitoring the 60 Hz buzz using the included headphones plugged into the built-in jack.

Goldak 600 Power Cable Locator with Headphone Features:

  • State-of-the-art circuit technology.
  • 3-position detection antenna for pin-point cable location and simple depth measurement.
  • “Peak” and “Null” operating modes.
  • Easy to use instrument with true "feed-through" audio.
  • Battery: One 9 Volt
  • Weight: Less than 3 pounds
  • Stereo headphones included
  • Available with or without rigid, foam-lined carry case.

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Goldak 600 Power Cable Locator with Headphone