Find the perfect metal detector for your teenager


Find the perfect metal detector for your teenager

By Michael Bernzweig

For all of the parents out there who remember ‘the good old days’ of playing kick the can and softball in the neighborhood, you’re probably surprised that your own kids don’t participate in these activities. Today’s kids and teens seem to be swept away in a world of electronics and social media. While technology is essential, it will never take the place of outdoor activity and exercise. Since we are our kids’ biggest influencers, it’s important that, as parents, we encourage our children to get outdoors and stay active.

There are countless exciting and beneficial outdoor hobbies. Among them is—metal detecting for treasure with a metal detector. When a child or teenager turns on a metal detector and starts swinging it near the ground, a whole new world of adventure and discovery awaits! Hidden metal treasures lay everywhere beneath our feet. They will be amazed to discover how many coins, old relics, lost jewelry and buried treasures are waiting to be found in their own neighborhood. All it takes to go treasure hunting is a beginner’s metal detector and a little ambition. Be sure to see our selection of metal detectors for kids and the related articles. Who knows what treasures they will encounter?

4 Ways that Metal Detecting Benefits Kids

  1. Builds Intelligence: Kids get a hands-on lesson in geology (the study of rocks, soil and the earth) when using a metal detector in the field. While digging for targets, they observe the different types of soil and rock that is native to their region. Learning how to operate a metal detector also teaches about physics, electricity and electronics. This process of self-education helps kids become independent. Let’s not forget history; each relic and old coin that is found tells about generations past.
  2. Sense of Accomplishment: When a child goes through the process of searching and recovering lost items, they feel a sense of accomplishment. This is instrumental in boosting confidence and morale. Metal detecting takes patience and perseverance, and offers the reward of ‘success.’
  3. Encourages Creativity: As new metal detectorists get familiar with their equipment and surroundings, they develop creative ways to find new targets. Kids use their imagination and learn to visualize what they are searching for.
  4. Develops their Skills: Metal detecting is a new skill set. Children learn how to scan properly, listen for signals, pinpoint and dig up targets. In order to keep old coins and relics from getting scratched or damaged, they need to be carefully retrieved. As a child or teen gets accustomed to his/her metal detector, he will soon understand why the ground balance adjusts in order to cancel out mineralization from the soil.

Geocaching is a Great Hobby for Teenagers

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure-hunting game where participants track down hidden containers using a GPS device. The geocache is purposely hidden for others to locate. The person who plants the geocache posts coordinates of its location online. Then, geocachers can use GPS and a metal detector (if they choose) to uncover the treasure. Once a geocacher has located a cache, they sign a log book stating when/where the treasure was spotted. This is a chance for teenagers to get outside and have fun in a real-life treasure hunt! They also share their experiences in online communities. Learn more about geocaching: Metal Detectors are Useful in Geocaching.

Metal Detectors that are Suited for Kids and Teens:

When deciding on the best metal detector for your child or teenager, there are a few important considerations. The model should definitely be lightweight and easy to use. Many detectors are designed to turn on and go—these are especially suitable for kids. There are no complicated adjustments; the unit simply adjusts automatically to different ground conditions. A visual target identification display is always a big hit with kids. When the unit picks up a metal target, the display will tell them whether it’s most likely a quarter, dime, bottle cap or something else. We’ve listed our top kids and teens’ metal detector picks below:

Kids Ages 4 and up:

Entry-Level Metal Detectors

Mid-Level Coin Detectors

For more detailed information about features to look for when purchasing a kid’s metal detector, read: Best Kids Metal Detectors. Also, there are several articles about starting out in this fun-filled hobby in our Learning Library.

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