Bounty Hunter Metal Detector guide with information on selecting the best model for you.


Bounty Hunter Metal Detector guide with information on selecting the best model for you.


If you are new to metal detecting, you may not be sure which metal detector to purchase. Perhaps you are not quite new to metal detecting but you want to take the next step and add some advanced equipment to your arsenal. No matter which of these two camps you fall into, a Bounty Hunter metal detector could be right for you.

The Bounty Hunter metal detector brand is one of the most well-known in the industry. Whether you are interested in purchasing your very first metal detector or ready to progress into a more serious detectorist, the Bounty Hunter metal detector line is a perfect choice.

While Bounty Hunter does provide their older models to the mass merchants, their newest detectors and technology are sold only by specialty retailers like Not only does Bounty Hunter design and produce some of the best metal detectors for the price, but the company’s various products are often in ‘best of’ lists.

Choosing a Bounty Hunter metal detector

Since Bounty Hunter makes a variety of metal detectors, detectorists of all budgets can purchase a fun locating device produced by the company. Not only does Bounty Hunter make great traditional metal detectors, but the company also designs pinpointer probes. This gives you the chance to add a pinpointer to your gear along side your main detector to find the exact locations of hidden targets.

Detectorists are able to find a Bounty Hunter metal detector to fit into their budgets. The company makes low-priced devices to introduce treasure seekers and hobbyist into the world of metal detecting. Bounty Hunter also designs more sophisticated metal detectors allowing detectorist to grow and develop as their interest in the hobby grows.

One of the main reasons new detectorists and hobbyists purchase a Bounty Hunter metal detector (other than price) is that they are simple to use. In addition to advanced models, Bounty Hunter also makes metal detectors for kids and juniors and these devices must be made simple or they run the risk of youngsters not enjoying searching for treasure.

The simplicity of certain models gives newbies and novices to metal detecting the chance to learn the ropes of using a device. In turn, this gives newer metal detector users the chance to develop and hone their detective skills before upgrading their device.

So, which Bounty Hunter metal detectors offer the most bang for your buck? If there is a coin hunter or gold digger in your family, read on!

Purchasing a Bounty Hunter metal detector

There are a number of great options for first-time and second-time metal detector purchases when it comes to Bounty Hunter’s products. From pinpointer probes to metal detectors with all the bells and whistles, Bounty Hunter has got you covered.

Bounty Hunter Pinpointer Probe

The Bounty Hunter pinpointer probe was designed to help you precisely locate coins and metals. A pinpointer probe is a great tool to have in your equipment as it allows you to hone your search to a more exact location. The device allows you to dig in a more precise area and spend less time digging and expending energy. A pinpointer is for more experienced detectorists as it is used along with a traditional metal detector to find the exact location of the object in the hole. For anyone who takes metal detecting seriously, a pinpointer probe is a great accessory to add to your arsenal of detecting gear.

Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500

Bounty Hunter replaced their brilliant 3300 model with the Legacy 3500. The new Legacy 3500 has advanced technology and a newer design than the 3300. The device is perfect for a variety of detectorists from advanced to novice thanks its simple get up and go features. You will find a large LCD screen to help you find underground coins relics and jewelry.

Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro

The name says it all when it comes to the Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro. The metal detector is a high-quality piece of equipment for your arsenal. The Platinum pro is Bounty Hunter’s top of the line device and it doesn’t get much better than this treasure locating machine. The device is able to locate items buried deep below the ground. Its large LCD display screen allows you to see what is under the ground and just how far down it is buried. Bounty Hunter not only made the Platinum Pro an outstanding piece of equipment with advanced features, but the company made the device easy to use. Too often devices with advanced features are overly complex. However, the Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro is simple to use and you will be seeking objects in no time.

Bounty Hunter Titanium

Find the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry, and relics with the Bounty Hunter Titanium. This is Bounty Hunters' premium middle-range metal detector. It features both audio and visual target identification, two preset modes, and a jumbo LCD display. A preset ground balance eliminates the effects of minerals in the ground. It's lightweight, versatile, and fully featured. You can now hunt for hours at the beach, parks, schoolyards or in the woods.

Bounty Hunter Platinum

The latest metal detector from Bounty Hunter features an easy-to-use ground balance control, expanded depth reading, and a larger LCD display. The Bounty Hunter Platinum metal detector weighs just over two pounds and offers exceptional performance. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Do you get tired of complicated metal detectors? Looking for an easy-to-use metal detector with top-of-the-line features? You have found it with the Bounty Hunter Platinum! All you need to do is turn it on and you're ready to go. No complicated setup needed. From the moment you turn it on, it's ready to find treasure.

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500

When the Legacy Series was introduced, Bounty Hunter engineers started from scratch. This metal detector is packed with features yet simple to use. The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is one of our favorite detector models. At this price point, it sets a new standard for value. Feature for feature, this model outperforms the competition. This model is light weight, well constructed, and deep seeking. The controls on this metal detector are intuitive.

Bounty Hunter Gold

It features target identification, intuitive controls, a target depth display, and a jumbo LCD display. With a weight of just over two pounds, this metal detector offers exceptional performance. The introduction of the Bounty Hunter Gold and Platinum metal detectors by Bounty Hunter opened up the hobby for many new treasure hunters. Bounty Hunter Gold is not just simple to use, but one of the most flexible detectors we have seen. This unit can find the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry, and relics. Find it all with just one metal detector! The Bounty Hunter Gold is great for first-time treasure hunters or as a backup unit for advanced or professional detectorists. Use the advanced features to customize this detector to your treasure hunting style.

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are perfect for anyone new or looking to advance their searching possibilities. The Bounty Hunter line of products are not just low-priced but they provide plenty of great features too. You won’t ever be overwhelmed with the company’s products, so why not give a Bounty Hunter metal detector a go today?

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