Best Beginner Metal Detector


Best Beginner Metal Detector


If you are new to the world of metal detecting, you may wonder what the best beginner metal detector is. No matter if you are simply new to metal detecting or a youngster, being introduced to the world of finding hidden artifacts, you will want the best beginner metal detector possible.

A detectorist is only as good has his or her equipment. Therefore, you want the best product for your budget. While there are high-end metal detectors on the market that you can purchase, an expensive product with advanced tech isn’t necessarily what you need when dipping your toes into detecting.

So, rather than buying an advanced model with all the bells and whistles, you should focus on buying a metal detector that provides everything you need for a beginner getting started.

Best Beginner Metal Detector: Beginner versus Advanced

You may think your first metal detector needs to be the most advanced product on the market. You couldn’t be more wrong if that is your thinking. An advanced model can be overwhelming and prevent you from learning the basics of being a detectorist. In addition, using an advanced model and not locating hidden artifacts, coins, metals or treasures can cause you to be discouraged.

By selecting one of the best beginner metal detector products on the market, you can learn the art of metal detecting. A beginner metal detector simplifies detecting. It can make locating items easier and keep you engaged in the art of finding hidden artifacts and treasures.

How does a metal detector work?

A metal detector can be used to find a multitude of items from coins to gold. Metal detectors are used by a wide range of individuals and groups. The police and military use metal detectors along with hobbyists who search for artefacts and treasures for fun or financial gain.

A radio frequency signal is transmitted from a metal detector’s search coil into the ground. If there is a metal object under the ground and within the electromagnetic field of the device, then it will bounce off of the target and send a signal back to the metal detector. When the search coil receives the signal that has been sent, it sets off an alert to the detectorist.

Depending on the type of metal detector you use, the power and search field can be strong or weak. In addition, advanced devices can search for different types of items are more or less sensitive to targets at different frequencies. Gold is best detected at a high frequency, coins and jewelry are very sensitive at a mid frequency. Relics and iron are detected best at a low frequency.

Advanced metal detectors also have upgraded controls. These controls can be overwhelming to a beginner. If you are an advanced detectorist, then you know how to use these controls to find objects below the ground. However, if you are a beginner, you won’t have the experience to use the controls in the way they are intended. Therefore, using one of the best beginner metal detector devices on the market is a much better purchase for newbies.

Best Beginner Metal Detector: What are the best metal detectors for newbies?

It doesn’t take long to realize that not all beginner metal detectors are created the same. When it comes to metal detectors, you often get what you pay for. You want to purchase a metal detector from a reputable source offering professional quality equipment.

Nokta Makro Simplex + WHP

The Nokta Makro Simplex + WHP is an advanced metal detector wrapped up in an entry-level model. The advanced tech that went into the creation of the Nokta Makro Simplex + WHP makes it one of the best beginner metal detector devices available.

The device is waterproof up to 10 ft and comes with a built-in wireless mode. You can use the Nokta Makro Simplex + WHP to search for all targets, in fields, on beaches, and in parks and grassy areas. Making the device even better is that it is lightweight allowing you to conduct hours of searches.

Garrett Ace 400

The Garrett Ace 400 is the top of the line model produced by the company in the Ace series. The entire series is a great introduction into metal detecting, but the Ace 400 steps up the tech and delivers an outstanding device for detectorists of all levels.

The Ace 400 comes with Electronic Pinpointing, five search modes, and a coin depth indicator. It is certainly one of the best beginner metal detector devices thanks to the easy to use features that Garrett packed into it.

Garrett Ace Apex Wireless

With Garrett's MultiFlex technology, paired with Garrett's cutting-edge, high-bandwidth digital platform, the Apex is much more versatile than other detectors in its price class! There are five frequencies to choose from: 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz, 15 kHz, 20 kHz, Multi-Frequency mode, and Multi-Salt mode. Select from powerful single frequencies if you want to improve detection on a specific target, or select one of Apex's simultaneous multifrequency modes for perfect target detection in any soil.

Fisher F5

The Fisher F5 metal detector is a agreat introductory metal detector for anyone seeking coins, jewelry, and relics. It is even a good device for gold prospecting.

The device is packed with tech enabling you to locate a variety of items unseen by the naked eye. A digital display screen provides you with information and details on the items you find. With so many great search options provided by the Fisher F5, your finds will pay for the price of the device.

Garrett Ace 300

Garrett has included great features into the ACE 300, such as digital target identification and a better audio system. The ACE 300 includes headphones and an environmental cover. Moreover, this model features a 7" x 10" concentric PROformance search coil for enhanced coverage and detection depth. An 8 kHz frequency makes ACE 300 more sensitive to low and medium conductivity targets.

Bounty Hunter Platinum

Bounty Hunter is one of the premier names in metal detectors and its Platinum device is the company’s top of the line product. The Bounty Hunter Platinum comes with a massive LCD display screen allowing you to see vital information when searching for relics, artifacts, and coins.

Whether you want to search beaches, parks, fields, or forests, you can locate hidden items using the Bounty Hunter Platinum. The tech heavy Bounty Hunter Platinum will not overwhelm you with its controls. The device is simple to use and you will be searching for lost items in no time.

Those who are new to metal detecting will find a great hobby and these are the best beginner metal detector devices to take a budding interest into a full-blown passion.

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