Best Kids Metal Detectors

    So the child in your life wants to find buried treasure? Each and every day we are asked what is the best hobby metal detector for a child to get started with? To help you select the best unit, be sure to consider their size, age and attention level.

    While you will see many inexpensive metal detectors advertised on the internet for under $100, most are of toy quality. All of the units that we offer are of professional quality. While the lower priced units on our site may not have as many features as the more expensive ones, the quality is still top notch.

    A metal detector is the perfect gift. The hobby is one that adults and children can enjoy together. The hobby is both fun and educational. It presents a great chance for learning about local and national history while researching finds and new sites to explore. From children to retirees and everyone in between, the hobby has so much to offer. Below are our top picks to help your youngster get started in this fun hobby.

    Ages 8 and under:

    Our favorite entry level unit is the Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector produced by Bounty Hunter. This unit is a perfectly kid sized metal detector. While it us just $69.95, it is designed by one of the leading US metal detector companies.

    Ages 9 and up:

    Below are our top picks for slightly older children. While each of these detectors is also suitable for an adult, they are moderately priced, feature-packed and simple to operate. These units are not quite as small or compact as the Treasure Tracker, so if your child is small for their age we suggest that you start them out with the Bounty Hunter Treasure Tracker above.

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