XP Gold Pan Starter Kit

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XP Gold Pan Starter Kit

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XP GOLD PAN STARTER KIT - The XP Gold Pan Standard kit with the included prospecting accessories, offer the same outstanding quality found in all XP metal detectors and accessories. Take your Gold hunting to another level with XP Gold Pans featuring the unique "Z4 Design" - Gold Pans with Four Unique Zones. To get the BEST results, you need to use the BEST gold panning kit!

The Best Gold Prospecting Equipment - XP Metal Detectors have worked alongside some of the industries most respected gold prospecting professionals, they have helped design and develop our Gold Panning kits, to ensure you have the very best gold prospecting equipment in your hands.

"I've been a gold prospector for years, and always looking for the best. These new XP products stand out from existing gold prospecting kits by offering a unique pan with 4 panning zones combined with a perfect rigidity for working efficiently." - Julien Lamarque - 2019 European Champion

XP Innovates Once Again with Z4 Design - Gold Pans with Four Unique Zones. Here are the advantages of Z4 Design:

  • XP Unique “Snake skin” texture benefits your panning process. It offers a higher efficiency when compared to the conventional gold pans. Ideal for trapping fine gold during the final finishing stage.
  • Large 90 degree riffles are used for the first clearing step. Ideal for washing and capturing large to medium sized gold.
  • Mini riffles allow a higher level of separation between sand and gold. Trap small gold dust leaving the sand drain away.
  • Sandy zone is used with the conventional pans to separate fine gold. With the XP snake skin texture you can often be more successful.


  • XP GOLD PAN: Round 37 cm – 15’’
  • XP GOLD CLASSIFIER: Round #10 – 37 cm – 15’’
  • User Manual

XP GOLD PAN 37 cm – 15’’ Gold all-rounder, Z4 Design of 4 panning zones with a large capacity, a wide flat base and 4 panning zones, allowing a quick and accurate operation.

XP GOLD CLASSIFIER #10, 37 cm – 15’’ The #10 mm-mesh classifier helps to quickly sift out large rocks, leaving only material that may contain gold.

The gold pan kit includes a set of gold prospecting accessories that will assist you in collecting, identifying and storing your gold finds.

XP Gold Panning Accessories Included:

  • 2 Mini Tubes
  • Magnifier
  • Vial
  • Tweezers
  • A 150 ml, 1.7 ounce suction bottle

ULTRA COMPACT DESIGN - Totally stackable, the XP Pans and Classifiers are very easy to transport and store together, lightweight and comfortable to use.