XP DEUS Silicone Wristband for the WS4

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This optional silicone wristband is for use with the DEUS WS4 backphone. Unclip the headset control pod from the WS4 backphone and insert the pod into the wristband.

At a glance you can see the target ID on your wrist and access all settings:

With this convenient accessory, you can now have easy access to the digital display of the WS4 headphone. With the optional WS4 Headphone Adapter (not included) you can also connect your own headphone. The WS4 control pod is not included and may be ordered separately.

Easy access to all settings using the XP DEUS Silicone Wristband for the WS4:

  • The WS4 control pod alone can control the DEUS
  • Display the Target ID on your wrist
  • Connect your own headphone
  • Ultra-light portable configuration
  • Adjustable wristband, even over a coat
  • Rainproof
  • The WS4 control pod allows you to access all of these features:

    • Adjust Discrimination
    • Adjust Sensitivity
    • Select from 4 Frequencies
    • Set Ground Balance
    • Adjust from 2 to 5 Tones
    • Adjust Pitch
    • Select Full Tones
    • Choose from 10 factory Preset Programs
    • Choose from 8 empty slots for you to save
    • Indicates the target’s Identification
    • Adjust Volume
    • Select your choice of Search Coil
    • Battery condition displayed

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