XP DEUS 2 BH-01 Bone Conduction Waterproof Headphones

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XP is proud to present the first bone conduction headphones designed for metal detecting, BH-01. Made in France by XP, it is waterproof IP68 so you can dive with your DEUS II up to 20 meters deep.

To use the DEUS 2 underwater you will require:

Why buy your XP DEUS 2 BH-01 Bone Conduction Waterproof Headphones from us?

We are a factory authorized XP Distributor. We stock their entire range of products and accessories. XP Metal Detectors products include industry-leading coin, jewelry and relic metal detectors for use on land and underwater. We have product specialists on staff to support your needs. We work closely with XP Metal Detectors to stay current with their latest products and technologies. Our product specialists will take the time to help you pick out the right XP model for your needs.

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