Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector with Waterproof 11" DD Coil + Bonus Pack

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Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector with Waterproof 11" DD Coil + Bonus Pack

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The Teknetics T2 is a high-performance multi-purpose professional grade metal detector from Teknetics; the T2 is back! The T2 detector utilizes the latest advances in electronic design. Relic hunters, gold nugget prospectors and coin hunters alike appreciate the simple sophistication of this top of the line model. The Teknetics T2 is easy to use and extremely deep seeking. Be sure to read our Guide Comparing the Teknetics T2, T2 Plus and the T2 Special Limited  Edition models.

Teknetics T2 Classic: The American Made Classic is Back...

The original T2 set the benchmark in advanced electronic technology and functional design in the metal detector market. Its legendary performance coupled with its lightweight and perfect balance make the T2 one of the best metal detectors in its price range. The Teknetics T2 excels at coin-shooting, relic hunting and gold prospecting. The Teknetics T2 metal detector is known as the most affordable high performance detector in the mid-level category. The model is ideal for coin shooting and gold prospecting. In iron-infested areas, this model works well due to its expanded iron target ID and ground balance control. Iron junk targets are effectively filtered out by the T2. Its LCD interface allows for precise identification of targets for the ultimate in target separation. The target ID on the Teknetics T2 uses a scale of 0-99 based on the conductivity of the metal. The display provides a full readout of all target information including accurate depth and target information in an easy-to-read format while you are treasure hunting. Add the 15" accessory search coil along with your purchase to extend your depth. This coil offers great ground coverage and depth.

Metal Detecting to the Next Power!

The Teknetics T2™ is a high-performance multi-purpose professional grade metal detector. It utilizes the latest advances in electronic technology, and its functional design represents the leading edge of the metal detector engineering art. The T2™ is easier to learn to use properly than other comparable metal detectors. Its combination of light weight and balance provides comfort unmatched by any other detector in its price range. Its most popular uses include coinshooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting. The T2 is noted for locating treasure at extraordinary depths even in mineralized soil conditions. The double filter discrimination modes are used to remove trash metal objects such as nails, aluminum foil, and pull tabs. Metal objects can only be detected when the Teknetics T2 metal detector search coil is in motion when you are not in the discrimination mode. The Teknetics T2 offers a variety of audio discrimination options that can be selected to suit a variety of search conditions and personal preferences. A 1/4" headphone jack allows you to plug in your favorite headphones. This teknetics metal detector includes Fast Grab trigger actuated fastgrab manual ground balance ground cancellation. Using the trigger toggle you can easily switch modes. This feature allows you to find old coins and gold nuggets at unbelievable depths. With the T2 you have the power to ground balance and hunt in highly mineralized soils with ease. This model offers greater depth than most models on the market today. Treasure hunters that require extreme depth and sensitivity from their equipment love the T2. 

The Teknetics t2 metal detector model operates at a 13 kHz operating frequency for exceptional sensitivity to all targets. It is an ideal frequency for finding a variety of targets. With the frequency shifting feature, you can make slight adjustments to your frequency in order to avoid interference. A trigger is used for instant pinpointing. Pull the trigger switch to pinpoint accurately by squeezing the trigger. Once you've moved your waterproof search coil slowly across the target, sound will communicate the target's location. This waterproof search coil on this Teknetics T2 metal detector covers ground well and is precise enough to pinpoint targets with ease. The coil can be used in saltwater and has the sensitivity to find coins deep underground. Using only 4 AA batteries, this model offers an exceptional battery life of 40 hours. This exceptional life leads to a very low operating cost over the lifetime of your metal detector use. 

Large LCD Screen with Target Identification Display

  • Straightforward Menu-Driven User Interface
  • Menu System Is Always Visible

Intuitive User Interface

  • Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
  • Double-Filter Discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas

Ground Cancellation

  • Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB™ Instant Ground Cancellation
  • Manual Ground Cancellation Option

Continuous Ground Monitor

  • Bar-Graph Readout of Ground Mineralization

Waterproof 11-inch Open-Frame Bi-Axial™ Search Coil

  • Handles the Highest Mineralization Soil
  • Great for Salt Water Beaches
  • Super Sensitive - Detect coins to 15 inches

Big Easy-To-Read Lcd Display

  • Straightforward Menu-Driven User Interface
  • Operating State always visible
  • Target ID, Depth Display, Battery Condition
  • Message Center, Mode Settings

Ground Mineral Displays

  • Amount: Fe3O4 Bar graph
  • Type: Ground phase readout

Dual-Function Trigger Switch

  • Trigger actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
  • Push to cancel ground mineral interference

Standard Factory Items Included

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

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