Teknetics Omega 8500 Metal Detector Pro Package with Waterproof 11" DD + 4" Concentric Coil + TekPoint + Bonus Kit

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Teknetics Omega 8500 Metal Detector Pro Package with Waterproof 11" DD + 4" Concentric Coil + TekPoint + Bonus Kit

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The Teknetics Omega 8500 Metal Detector is a full featured coin, relic and jewelry detector that is easy to use. Both experienced users and novices alike will appreciate the intuitive user interface. If you are looking for a top of the line machine with plenty of features to grow into, the Omega 8500 might just be the answer. Be sure to read our Guide Teknetics Alpha 2000, Delta 4000, Gamma 6000, and Omega 8500 Metal Detector Comparison.

The Teknetics Omega 8500 Metal Detector is the latest top of the line model in the Teknetics line-up. This premium coin, relic, and jewelry hunter is fully featured yet easy to use. The 11" DD search coil provides the best depth and pinpointing. This model clearly builds on the best-liked features of the popular Teknetics Omega 800 with several welcome additions for previous owners. If you are looking for an easy to use, full-featured, top of the line machine, look no further!

Unique Intuitive Interface & Display

The user interface is well thought out and simple to navigate. Just select the single menu control to easily update any settings by hitting the plus (+) or minus (-) touchpads. The large back LCD display shows complete target information. It has a unique control interface that combines analog and touchpad controls; adjustments can be made with just one hand. It displays three graphics displaying information about soil conditionsFe3O4 bar graphGround Phase number, and Ground Error indicator. By keeping yourself aware of the constantly changing soil conditions, you can adjust your detector in the most efficient manner to achieve the greatest target depth possible. If you hunt in difficult soil conditions, the Omega is the metal detector for you. This metal detector model includes a static pinpoint mode for the ultimate in target pinpointing with this detector. A wide iron id range allows you to easily block out junk targets while still detecting coinsgold and silver. If you are coin hunting for silver coins or a deep treasure cache, the larger coil and deep mode will help you easily locate these items. Notch mode controls provide discrimination adjustment and variable volume by notch category. You can locate related products to this metal detector to order on this page under the compatible accessories tab.

Continuous On-Screen Operation Status

The operational status of the detector is clearly displayed on the LCD display. A quick glance at the display provides instant detail. Omega 8500, the top of the line detector in the series, is an easy-to-use, fully-featured metal detector for finding coins, relics, and jewelry. The Pro Pack version upgrades the coil to the 11" DD and adds accessories including a bonus 4" concentric coil, the waterproof TekPoint pinpointer metal detector and a rain cover. The device is also easy to use right out of the box, making it a great device for new detectorists to start out with. It is equipped with an 11" DD search coil, which provides excellent depth and pinpointing no matter the ground condition your metal detector encounters.


With the Omega 8500 metal detector from Teknetics, you get an 11" deep seeking coil that covers a large area of ground with each sweep. Featuring Ground Grab® Computerized ground balance, you are able to filter out the effects of ground mineralization. A manual override is also available. It is possible to reduce the sensitivity of the device or use the frequency shift to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI). The default frequency on this metal detector is 13 kHz for maximum detection depth. This model includes a ground phase error readout on the display. If the device alerts you to a ground error indicator, you can you can see the ground phase number and program an automatic ground grab offset, positive or negative.

Teknetics Omega 8500 Pro Package Standard Product Features:

  • Ground Grab Computerized Ground Balancing
  • Expanded Iron Range
  • Phase Error Readout
  • Analog Controls
  • Superior Pinpointing & Wide Sweep
  • Backlight
  • Ground Mineralization Readout
  • Ground Phase Error Readout
  • Digital Target ID System
  • Visual Background Iron ID
  • Static Pinpoint

Teknetics Omega 8500 Pro Package Advanced Product Features: 

  • 2 Modes of Operation: Discrimination and All Metal
  • Selectable All Metal Tones
  • Notching Controls - Discrimination & Variable Volume by Category
  • Independent Gain and Threshold Control
  • Selectable V.C.O. Base Tone
  • Choice of 3 Tones Plus V.C.O.
  • Frequency Shift to Eliminate Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) 
  • Enhanced Multi-Level Depth Boost

Teknetics Omega 8500 Pro Package Included Items Overview:

  • TekPoint Waterproof Pulse Pinpointer
  • 11" Search Coil Cover
  • Rain Cover
  • Arm Strap
  • 11" DD Waterproof Searchcoil
  • 4" Concentric Waterproof Searchcoil
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty