Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector with Waterproof 8" Coil + Bonus Pack

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Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector with Waterproof 8" Coil + Bonus Pack



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The Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector is the middle of the line model in the series. This model adds a range of enhanced features including a ground adjust control. This feature allows you to hunt in mineralized areas or on the beach with greater ease. You will enjoy the comfortable design, jumo LCD display and advanced features.

Middle of the Line Model

The Teknetics Gamma 6000 is the middle model in the Teknetics series. This model adds additional controls to make your time out in the field even more productive. This unit includes an adjustable ground balance control. Now you can hunt on the beach and in more mineralized areas. Simply coose from one of the preset modes and start hunting right away. No complicated programming or details to memorize just start having fun.

Enhanced Target Identification

The Teknetics Gamma 6000 includes a large easy to read digital LCD display. This model features more detailed reporting and items are shown with large easy to read details. The display will identify common targets such as iron, foil, nickels, soda can pull tabs, screw caps, pennies dimes quarters etc. The Gamma 6000 will also provide a unique target identification number for every target. This added dimension of target identification is will help you accurately identify unusual targets. For example, when searching for relics or targets with a unique level of conductivity like gold coins, civil war relics including buckles, buttons and mini balls.

Additional Operating Modes

This model adds four custom programs. It includes a discriminate mode, a pinpoint mode, a ground grab mode and an all metal mode. The Gamma 6000 will also give you a good idea of the target depth in inches before you dig. Now you can dig less trash and find more treasures.

Comfortable Design

Pick it up and hunt for hours without fatigue. The Gamma 6000 is light weight and comfortable to use. Now you can easily search for treasure for hours without getting tired. This model is a light and balanced well. The Gamma 6000 is a fully featured metal detector. Now you can hunt for hours at the beach, parks, old home sites, school yards or in the woods.

Product Specifications:

  • LCD Target Readout
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Ground Grab
  • Pinpoint Control
  • Preset Ground Balance
  • 8 Inch Open Face Coil System
  • Numeric Depth Display
  • Progressive Discrimination
  • 3 Tone Audio Discrimination
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Made In USA

Standard Factory Items Included

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Comprehensive User's Manual
  • Introductory Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine