Sand Scoop Carrier by Ready Shovel

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Sand Scoop Carrier by Ready Shovel

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The ReadyShovel Sand Scoop Carrier is a belt mounted holster for carrying your beach sand scoop on your belt. Now you can free your hands while hunting along the beach with your metal detector. Enjoy more hours of productive time on the beach with this ingenious device!

The Ultimate Belt Holster for Beach Sand Scoops

The Sand Scoop Carrier by Ready Shovel includes a belt mountable premium leather belt loop and a metal scoop clip. This device allows the user to walk with a beach sand scoop hanging securely from the belt when not in use. The quick detach hook design allows one to easily remove the beach sand scoop from the clip when needed. The leather belt loop is crafted from durable heavy weight leather and the clip is made out of premium grade steel.

Conveniently Carry Your Sand Scoop by Your Side!

Dennis Didio, inventor of the ReadyShovel Sand Scoop Carrier said "I am passionate about relic hunting and am constantly looking for ways to improve my time in the field. The inspiration for designing the Ready Shovel Carrier [and later the Sand Scoop Carrier] came to me during a field hunt. Carrying a shovel in one hand while swinging a detector with the other was exhausting. I did some research and realized there wasn’t a devise for carrying T-handle shovels. Utilizing my background in engineering and also my past holster and knife sheath manufacturing experience, I designed, built and perfected the device." He went on to say "We strive to make the ReadyShovel to the highest standards by using only high quality materials. We take great care in the manufacturing process to assure that you receive a quality product. The ReadyShovel will give you many years of trouble free service!"

Designed and Hand Crafted in the USA

More time on the beach = more finds! The ReadyShovel Sand Scoop Carrier is being used around the world by many users and has received positive reviews. The ReadyShovel Sand Scoop Carrier is so good, that it is being considered for a US patent. Once you start metal detecting along the beach with a ReadyShovel Sand Scoop Carrier by your side, you will wonder how you ever detected without one!

  • Premium leather belt clip
  • Made in USA
  • Premium steel hook
  • For use with belts up to 2 ¼” in diameter
  • Simply hook on your beach scoop bucket

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