OKM Pulse Nova Omega PI Metal Detector 15" Closed Mono Search Coil

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OKM Pulse Nova Omega PI Metal Detector 15" Closed Mono Search Coil



Questions Answered

Product Highlights

  • Search Coil: Waterproof, Mono, Closed 38cm Search Coil
  • Technology: Pulse Induction
  • Construction: Non-Waterproof Control Box
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Headphones: Wireless, Bluetooth Headphones
  • Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector: Developed for natural gold prospection and metal detection
  • Depth performance: Down to 3 m (10 ft) detection depth
  • Use cases: Natural gold prospection, military archaology, industrial use
  • Detectable objects: Natural gold, metal objects – developed to ignore unwanted trash such as bottle caps or aluminum foil
  • Analog: Easy to use detector for inexperienced users and those familiar with PI

    Product Description

    PI metal detectors like the OKM Pulse Nova are perfect for starting the treasure hunting adventure thanks to its easy handling. They are also used for gold prospection and are used by explosive ordnance disposal services. The Pulse Nova pulse induction detector offers different search coils, providing good detection and depth performance when searching for natural gold, coins, jewelry and militaria.

    Special Features of Metal Detector Pulse Nova:

    • Detection depth up to 3 m (9.8 ft) Depth Performance at a glance
    • Fast scanning of large areas
    • Easy localization of objects (Pinpointing)
    • Also suitable for use in densely vegetated areas
    • Also suitable for use on heavily mineralized ground (including salt water)
    • Ignores most unwanted small items like aluminum foil
    • Interchangeable search coils
    • Waterproof search coils for gold prospecting in shallow waters

    Pulse Induction (PI) detection is made easy with the Pulse Nova series of metal detectors. With only two settings to change, sensitivity and volume, this metal detector is set up for a beginner detectorist, but also has the depth a professional relic hunter is looking for. PI technology is excellent for mineralized areas like clay-rich soils and also for finding larger targets underground or long-buried targets that have larger halo effects in the soil. With the ability to reach targets up to nearly 10ft deep or 3m, this detector is the right machine for finding that Civil War camp pit you have been searching for.

    This detector is fine tuned to eliminate any aluminum cans or bottle caps from the signal you hear through the included wireless, Bluetooth headphones. Equipped with the Delta38 search coil approximately 15" across, this detector is able to detect gold nuggets that are less than 5mm across up to a depth of over 6.5in. The Delta series of Pulse Novas include open coils which are perfect for using in water to reduce drag. Purchase the Pulse Nova Delta Plus to get the optional frame coil and a smaller coil that is about 7" across. The Omega option includes a closed coil, instead of the open coil construction. The Delta coils are open and are waterproof which makes them great for sweeping through the shallow edges of a lake or even salt water detecting on the beach.