Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Waterproof Kids Metal Detector with Cool Kit

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Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Waterproof Kids Metal Detector with Cool Kit



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Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Waterproof metal detector with cool kit includes along with the metal detector, a cool sand scoop, cool sifter, boys and girls sized adjustable shaft & screen stickers and 4 treasure marx. This model is perfect for kids ages four to eight years old. Get your youngster started on the path to discovery. This complete package includes everything they will need for hours of fun at the beach. This model can be fully submerged and will withstand the rigors of childhood. Grab an adult model shown here for yourself and be along side them on their journey of discovery. Metal detecting will help you get them outdoors to enjoy hours of fun, exercise, and learning. The hobby is a great family activity and will get them off their devices and out exploring for hours of fun. Be sure to read our kids metal detector buying guide article entitled Nokta Makro Waterproof Kids Metal Detector Comparison Midi Hoard and Mini Hoard.


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The Nokta Makro Mini Hoard is the world's first waterproof metal detector for little kids.

This model is perfect for kids from ages four to eight. The fully waterproof design will let them enjoy hours at the beach discovering fun and treasure both in the water and amongst the sand piles. Hours of fun and excitement for you and your family await. Grab an adult sized detector shown here and join in on the fun with the entire family. Metal detecting is a wonderful socially distant hobby that you can enjoy on your own or with the family.

Designed for the young treasure hunters of the future... our most loved ones... kids!

Hooked on technology and disconnected from nature... and we, as parents, try to encourage them to go outside and explore the world and history around them.

Yet, it seems hopeless at times.

Introducing the world’s first waterproof kids detector series. Read on to discover the mini hoard shown here for little kids ages 4 to 8. For bigger kids under 10, discover the Nokta Makro Midi Hoard shown here.

2- mini-midi-hoard-introduce-kids-metal-detecting

The most fun way to introduce kids to metal detecting...

The Mini Hoard is designed for the way kids play. This model is rugged and completely waterproof to provide hours of joy and discovery on the beach, in the sand or in the muck and mud. Experience the joy of discovery with the entire family. Metal detecting combines science, history and a range of other learning lessons. As you explore together, you will wonder where the hours have gone!

Nokta Makro detectors introduces this easy-to-use, fully submersible metal detector that is perfect for older kids under eight years old. Product experts agree this model offers real value for the money. Makro Detectors produces a top notch gold detector and is noted for making world class treasure detectors. The mini hoard offers an easy to use icon based with targeting details. This product is specifically designed to be both kid-friendly in size and durability and functional as a detector. The Nokta Makro mini Hoard is the entry model in the line of hoard metal detectors and will help kids fall in love with metal detecting. As you lift coil, your adventure will begin. This unit comes with a full 2 year warranty. 

3- mini-midi-hoard-enjoy-away-from-the-crowds

The hobby they can enjoy away from the crowds...

Exploring with a metal detector is one of the only hobbies that can pay back! Sometimes by putting a big smile on their face or yours... sometimes with even more! As a family business, Michael and Daniel from have enjoyed the hobby together and with their families for years. You will soon discover that the memories you will create together are the biggest payoff of all!

In terms of design, this model has an IP68 rating and is submersible up to 1 meter, or three feet. This is a unique feature that is not available in other metal detectors at this price range.  A fully retractable shaft makes this model perfect for kids. As they grow, you can easily adjust the detector for their specific height. The retractable shaft measures 63 cm - 90 cm, 25'' - 35''. This unit also has an armrest for easy swing in the field.

4- mini-midi-hoard-discoverer-in-your-child

Release the adventurer and discoverer in your child...

Your eyes will light up when you see the excitement on their faces as they uncover their very first treasure! The discovery is magical and can be the spark for many paths of both learning and adventure to follow.

Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Metal Detector Specifications:

5- rating mini-midi-hoard

Nokta Makro Mini Hoard combines Impressive build quality with a well thought out child friendly design.

Large easy to read icons make navigating the Mini Hoard a breeze for kids of all ages. Just hit the power on button and they are ready to begin their adventure. There are no complicated menus or programs to manipulate. The mini hoard is intuitive and fun for kids of all ages and learning abilities.

The pinpoint button allows you to locate all targets precisely. By pressing the button, you can pinpoint the exact location of your find. When you order this model, be sure to consider the purchase of a beach scoop sifter and digger. The operating mode on this unit is discriminate. By filtering the junk targets, it can still find the good targets. With an operating frequency of 15 kHz. With iron discrimination It is ideal for a wide range of targets, including coins, jewelry, and relics.

An auto shut off and alarm feature is useful when you are not watching over the kids. As a result, you will save your batteries and receive an alert when the unit is left on accidentally. The display includes a good target indicator and will help you distinguish junk with a ferrous - nonferrous discrimination capability. The information shown. will lead your youngster to treasure.

6- display mini-hoard

Mini Hoard Finds, discriminates and pinpoints with ease

This model is NOT a cheap toy like device. While smaller in size, It is well built and genuinely functions just like an adult’s detector. At we are confident you will be impressed with the design and performance.

7- mini-midi-hoard-great-family-memories

Share your hobby with your kids to build cherished family memories that will last a life-time!

The hobby of metal detecting is clearly a family hobby. If you have been involved with the hobby for years, now you can pass it along to a new generation. If this is your first time, you can discover the hobby together.

8- nokta-makro-mini-hoard-tech

Off The Couch & Off Their Devices!

Mini Hoard will help your kids discover a world full of fun and adventure. Now they can experience the excitement of discovery right outside their door! The included Cool Kit makes this a complete metal detecting package. Now the little kid in your life can experience the thrill of discovery - with their very own metal detector!

9- mini-hoard-cool-kit-includes-image

Powered by 2 aa batteries, this model has an onscreen battery indicator that tells you the battery condition. The depth indicator shows you if the target is shallow or deeply buried. A stock 6" search coil (coil cover optional) provides exceptional depth and pinpoint precision. This model offers a child friendly design that will provide hours of fun and great family memories. Weighing in at less than two pounds the Midi hoard is light enough for easy transport.  Nokta Makro metal detectors has included 3 audio tones on this model to help you distinguish junk like bottle caps. Choose from 3 levels of audio. While the pricing on this model provides an excellent value. Optional accessories are shown below.

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