Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System with 15.5 x 14" + 11 x 7" Waterproof Coils

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Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System with 15.5 x 14" + 11 x 7" Waterproof Coils

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Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System - Invenio is the world’s first real time smart metal detector and imaging system providing the shape, depth, dimensions and discrimination of underground metals and ground anomalies such as caves and cavities. Uncover deep treasures other detectors simply cannot detect. Invenio has 3 Non-Motion Search Modes and 3 Motion Based Search Modes. Operate in one of 17 Languages. The Invenio Standard operates at a frequency of 14kHz.

Nokta Makro Invenio - The Start of a New Era in Metal Detection! Go Beyond Basic Beeps and Target Id Numbers.

Nokta Engineers understand that metal detector users have been expecting a lot more from a detector such as:

1. To discover deeper targets

2. To know what type of a metal the detected target is

3. To see the real depth and

4. The shapes of targets

5. To determine the dimensions of targets and

6. To detect ground anomalies and cavities.

Invenio is ideal for Deep-Seeking Treasure Hunters, Archeologists, City and Town Municipalities, Utility Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies and with CSI Crime Scene Investigations.

Nokta Invenio Use Scenarios

The Nokta Detectors Company, since its foundation, has been taking steps towards turning this dream of users into reality. After years of extensive Research & Development and advanced engineering studies, Nokta has worked steadily to achieve and develop the world's first Smart Metal Detector & Imaging system - the Invenio. Nokta owns the whole technology and know-how used in the Invenio for which 3 different patents are applied for.

Invenio is designed so that it may be used as a platform that can be advanced and it is planned to be integrated with all future hobby detectors such as coin and relic as well as gold nugget detectors.

IPTU SENSOR (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)

Developed by Nokta & Makro Detectors, the IPTU unit, with the help of the integrated sensors, computes the right-left, forward-back movements of the search coil precisely and determines its location and height above the ground. With the IPTU sensor, you can follow the start and finish points of the scanned area and view the locations of detected targets. In addition, you can determine the width and the length of the scanned area, the target depth and shape as well as the dimensions with the help of the IPTU sensor.

Nokta Makro IPTU Sensor (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)

World’s first real time smart detector and imaging system providing the shape, depth, dimensions and discrimination of underground metals and ground anomalies such as caves and cavities.

Nokta Invenio Finds

Features of the Nokta Invenio Pro Pack Smart Metal Detector and Imaging System:

  • Artificial Intelligence - The Artificial Neural Network enables the Invenio to provide superior shape extractions as well as depth indications by utilizing adaptive learning algorithms!
  • Multi-Purpose - Targets that you can detect with the Invenio: Deep treasures, caches, coins, relics, ground anomalies/cavities such as underground caves, tunnels etc. In short all you are looking for underground!
  • Excellent Discrimination and Unmasking Ability - Save time by detecting the targets you want while spending less time digging.
  • High Performance and Unmatched Depth - Uncover deep treasures other detectors simply cannot detect.
  • Fast Recovery Speed - Get ready to find out what other metal detectors missed amongst trash and iron!
  • 3 Non-Motion Search Modes - 1. Basic 2. Expert 3. Ground Anomaly and Cavity
  • 3 Motion Search Modes - 1. All Metal 2. Fast 3. Deep
  • Archive Target Signal Data - You can save all 3D graphs and screen shots and transfer them to your PC if you wish.
  • Invenio Speaks Your Language - 17 Languages: English, German, Greek, Turkish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Connection - The Invenio system box and shaft communicate wirelessly. In addition, users who do not prefer wired headphones can purchase the optional 2.4GHz wireless headphones.
  • Online Firmware Updates - Stay up-to-date with firmware updates via USB on PC and get the most out of your detector.
  • Vibration - When this feature is active, Invenio will vibrate upon target detection. An essential feature for hearing impaired users and noisy surroundings.
  • LED Flashlight and Screen Backlight - Invenio's display screen has a backlight. The flashlight illuminates your scan area, enableing you to detect in low light and in the dark as well.

The Nokta Invenio operates at a SINGLE frequency of 14kHz.

Invenio Versus Invenio Pro Frequency Comparison

Invenio Metal Detector Imaging System Standard Package Contents:

  1. Invenio System Box
  2. Shaft & Handle
  3. IPTU Sensor
  4. INV40 Waterproof Search Coil: 15.5" x 14", 40cm x 35cm
  5. INV28 Waterproof Search Coil: 11" x 7", 28cm x 18cm
  6. Invenio System Box Carrying Case
  7. Headphones
  8. AC Charger
  9. Car Charger
  10. USB Cable
  11. IPTU Carrying Bag
  12. Protective Covers
  13. Coil Mounting Hardware
  14. Carrying Belt
  15. Screen Sunshade
  16. Hard Transport Case