Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector

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Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector

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Questions Answered

The GOLD MONSTER 1000 turns beginners into experts with fully automatic operation in an easy-to-use, high performance detector. The GOLD MONSTER 1000 comes with a 5" coil, battery options and shaft configurations. If you are looking for super sensitive gold performance at a great price, then this is the detector you've been waiting for!


  • Warranty : 2 Years Control Box & Coil
  • Shaft : Universal Shaft Adapter
  • Performance : Highly Adaptable
  • VLF : Extra Sensitive VLF Performance
  • Construction : Rain Proof Control Box
  • Two Detect Modes : Gold & Deep All-Metal
  • Ground Balance : Auto Tracking Ground Balance
  • Operation : Easy Quick Start, Fully Automatic Operation
  • Gold Chance Indicator : Identify your Target Before you Dig

Factory Included Accessories

  • 5" DD Waterproof Search Coil
  • Universal Shaft Adapter
  • TWO Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Replaceable AA Battery Carrier
  • Collapsible Shafts
  • Getting Started Guides

The GOLD MONSTER 1000 Turns Beginners into Experts
with Fully Automatic Operation in an Easy-to-Use, High Performance Detector

GOLD MONSTER 1000 Outperforms All Other Single Frequency VLF Gold Detectors!

Monster Performance Graph

*Detector sensitivity comparisons are representative only. Actual performance will depend upon nugget size, detector settings and ground conditions.

Up until now, there has always been a compromise between frequency and sensitivity when optimizing detector performance, because lower frequencies are more sensitive to larger gold nuggets and higher frequencies are more sensitive to smaller gold nuggets.

When comparing detectors, the three curves in the diagram represent each detector’s ability to find small gold nuggets of a certain size, at a maximum possible depth. Most detectors will find a very large nugget just beneath the surface, however a detector’s sensitivity to gold determines how many smaller nuggets will ultimately be recovered in difficult (noisy) ground at greater depths.

An 18 kHz detector will normally have a depth advantage on nuggets ≥ 1.0g over a basic mid-frequency detector, and a 71 kHz detector will have a depth advantage on nuggets ≤ 0.1g. The advanced GOLD MONSTER 1000 uses an intermediate 45 kHz frequency AND a high speed 24-bit signal processor. This primary combination greatly boosts sensitivity to gold beyond that of other single frequency VLF detectors over a wide range of nugget sizes, without introducing excess noise and false signals.

The GOLD MONSTER 1000 also has improved ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination and copes better with conductive (salty) soils than higher frequency detectors, making it the perfect choice to maximize your gold recovery!

Automatic Noise Cancel • Digital Electronics • Auto Ground Balance • Faster Processor • Automatic Sensitivity

Easy-to-Use Controls

Gold Monster Controls


Highly Adaptable

Wide Ground Coverage
Wide Ground Coverage

Highly AdaptableConfined Space Detecting

Universal Shaft Adaptability WaterproofWaterproof Coil (to 1m/3') / Rain Proof Control Box

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight : 1.33kg (2.94 lbs) (excluding battery)
  • Volume Adjust : Manual 1–6
  • Visual Display : Monochrome LCD
  • Noise Cancel : Automatic (on start-up)
  • Ground Balance : Automatic (Easy-Trak)
  • Detect Modes : Gold (Iron Reject), Deep All-Metal
  • Discrimination : Gold Chance Indicator (high / low)
  • Detector Length : 54.4" – 37.2" (1382mm – 944mm)
  • Sensitivity Adjust : Manual (1–10), Auto (11), Auto+ (12)
  • Key Technology : Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range 45kHz VLF
  • Audio Output : Internal Speaker or Headphones 3.5mm (1/8")
  • Battery Options : Li-Ion (included), 8 × AA Batteries (not included)
  • Detector Weight (with 10x6" coil) : 2.94 lbs (1.33kgs) (excluding battery)


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Universal Shaft Adapter
  • Auto Tracking Ground Balance
  • Highly Adaptable Performance
  • Two Detect Modes : Gold & Deep All-Metal
  • Easy Quick Start, Fully Automatic Operation
  • Extra Sensitive Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range 45kHz VLF
  • Gold Chance Indicator : Identify your Target Before you Dig
  • Waterproof / Splashproof : Coils Waterproof to 1m (3'), Control Box Rain / Splash-Proof