Makro Racer and Gold Racer Charging Kit

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The Makro Racer and Gold Racer charging kit will keep your metal detector powered at home or in the field. Includes four AA Rechargeable NIMH batteries

Charge your Makro Racer metal detector at home or on the go. This complete charging solution includes a wall plug charger and the auto charging option as well as a USB charging connection. Four AA Rechargeable NIMH batteries are included. A 110 volt USA Power connector (not shown) is included.

When this Makro Racer and Gold Racer charging kit is used and fully charged, you can expect approximately 25-30 hours of usage from your Makro Racer detector. Approximate charging time is as follows:
  • 110 volt Wall Plug= 4 Hours
  • 12 volt Automobile= 4 Hours

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