Makro Deep Search Head: Made of strong high-impact ABS non-twist plastic 24" x 39" (Includes Handles and Cordura Carry Case)

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The Makro Deep Search Head is the largest and deepest seeking search coil made for Makro metal detectors. The deep search head comes standard with the Makro JeoHunter and may be used on the Makro JeoScan as an optional accessory.

Locate Gold, Silver & Platinum at Extreme Depths!

You can easily search and detect large fields with the Large Search Head. This coil covers the greatest depths and allows you to cover large areas in the shortest amount of time. The large search head punches down deep in to the earth for deep searching. It will find large Gold treasures and will ignore small non-valuable metal objects like nails and pull tabs. This coil will give the best results even in the toughest mineral conditions. Advanced target discrimination makes this deep search head different from all other Large Search Heads.

(The depths listed above are based on newly buried metal objects with no magnetic fields or effects formed yet. Over time, the metal object will oxidize and look larger to the detector, thus increasing the depths that are listed above. For objects buried longer, you can expect to go 3 to even 4 times deeper than the depth ranges listed in the chart above.)

Pictured above, the Jeo Hunter Deep Seeking 3D Metal Detector is being used with the Makro Deep Search Head to locate treasures that are buried at extreme depth.

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